Abbot Elementary’s Lisa Ann Walter was caught in the parenting trap

Abbott Elementary character Melissa Schemmenti is a lot of fun. The second grade teacher doesn’t take a shit and always seems to know a guy. If you’ve watched the hugely successful show from the start and are wondering why it sounds so familiar, maybe we can help you ahead of the September 21 Season 2 premieres. Lisa Ann Walter, the actress who plays Melissa, had a very memorable role in a cult film that left a mark on most millennials.

Back to 1998. Times were simpler: One of the hottest movies of the year was The Parent Trap, starring Lindsay Lohan and . . . Lindsay Lohan. In the remake of the 1961 classic film, two twins, separated at birth, meet at summer camp and swap places so they can meet their other parent. When Annie (British Lohan) goes home to Hallie (American Lohan) in her place, she meets Chessy, Hallie’s nanny. Walter, of course, plays the role of Chessy.

While The Parent Trap is packed with memorable characters (we’ll always have a soft spot for Elaine Hendrix as Meredith Blake), Chessy tops the list. The twins’ parents don’t seem to notice they’ve switched places, but Chessy picks it up pretty quickly. Realizing from the start that they are two girls, she is overcome with emotion when she finally realizes that the twin she never knew is now living with her.

Chessy quickly won over fans with her deep love for the twins and her loving, uncompromising attitude towards their parents. Sound familiar? We do see similarities between Chessy and Melissa, but maybe that’s just Walter. She annihilates the straightforward but infinitely lovable character type.

If you miss Chessy, you can stream The Parent Trap on Disney+. Otherwise, watch Lisa Ann Walter in Season 2 of Abbott Elementary, which airs Wednesdays on ABC.

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