#AbolishTheMonarchy trending on Twitter during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth II is currently celebrating perhaps 70 years as monarch of the British Empire with much pomp and circumstance – but that hasn’t drowned out Britain’s vociferous struggle for political change.

If #abolition of the monarchy Trending on Twitter on the same day as the four-day Platinum Jubilee kicks off is an indication that some Britons would like to see Elizabeth as the last monarch.

Anti-monarchy group Republic has said it would like to replace the royals with an elected head of state, given that the unpopular Prince Charles would take over the throne once his mother dies.

In January, Reuters reported that polls show that the vast majority of people in Britain support the monarchy and that the Queen herself is well liked.

However, there just isn’t that much support for their eldest son and heir, Charles, and polls suggest there is a growing desire among younger Britons to “give up the monarchy”.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth and members of the Royal Family watch from a balcony at Buckingham Palace as Britain’s Royal Air Force fly by after the Trooping the Color parade, all part of the first day of their Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

one Would-be activist tweeted on Thursday: “The #AbolishTheMonarchy trend during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee bank holiday is beautiful.”

Other users have named it “Pretty” and “very refreshing” to see how the phrase is trending during the Queen’s celebrations.

republic too tweeted a photo his billboard in Glasgow reading “Make Elizabeth the Last”.

The phrase previously trended on the platform after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had an explosive two-hour interview with chat show queen Oprah Winfrey in March 2021.

“People waking up today and realizing that the British monarchy is a classicist, racist institution? OK. Secure. #AbolishTheMonarchy”, a user wrote back then.

Celebrations for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in London
A child waves Union Jack flags on The Mall as people wait for the Royal Family to appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during Trooping the Colour.

Speaking of viral moments, 4-year-old Prince Louis stole the show during Thursday’s Royal Air Force flyby by, among other cute antics, adorablely covering his ears while standing next to the Queen as planes flew over Buckingham Palace.

Twitter couldn’t get enough of it either.

“Prince Louis is a whole mood next to the Queen when the planes fly by” gushed one fan on Twitter.

comedian Michelle Collins tweeted“Prince Louis is the only royal ID who is happy to see a Netflix deal landed.”

Despite online criticism, the royal family still has many Platinum Jubilee events to survive. The Friday schedule includes a Thanksgiving service before the real party begins on Saturday with the Platinum Party at the Palace.

20,000 people will be there when the band Queen and Adam Lambert open the top-class concert. Rod Stewart, Duran Duran, Andrea Bocelli and Diana Ross are also scheduled to appear in person, while Elton John will be featured via video.

Trooping The Color Platinum Jubilee in London
The Royal Air Force’s Red Arrows Aerobatic Team flies in a 70’s formation over London after the Trooping of the Color.
In pictures via Getty Images
    British RAF (Royal Air Force) fighter jets fly in formation to form the number '70' as they fly past from the balcony of Buckingham Palace after the Queen's birthday parade, Trooping the Colour.
British Royal Air Force fighter jets fly in formation to form the number 70 during a special flyby over the balcony of Buckingham Palace.
POOL/AFP via Getty Images

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