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Amy Schumer talked about the possibility of her son Jean, 2, being diagnosed with autism like her father, Chris Fisher.

Amy Schumer40, believes her two-year-old son Jean-David Fisher, like her father and her four-year-old husband, will “possibly have autism”. Chris Fisher42. However, the d The train The star said she had “no priorities” and explicitly discussed the possibility that her son would receive the same diagnosis in the presence of guests recently. Chelsea HandlerPodcast of Dear Chelsea.

The comedian told his fellow comedian, “I think the statistics are so strong that he is likely to have autism.” “It simply came to our notice then. Having a child with severe autism is difficult beyond my imagination. But if the gene eliminates ASD, I’m not looking for signs that are disturbing, I’m not expecting anything.

Amy Schumer Chris Fisher son Jean
Amy Schumer discusses her son being diagnosed with autism, such as her husband, Chris Fisher (Andy Kropa / Invision / AP / Shutterstock).

The Emmy Award-winning star revealed in her 2019 Netflix special Is growing That her husband was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder as an adult. “Most of my favorites are on the spectrum,” Amy confessed. “She is two and a half years old and I don’t think she can detect children until she is six years old. You can see some clues but the diagnosis doesn’t come later and I can honestly say I don’t have any preference. You want your kids to be healthy and happy. “

After the James Beard Award-winning diagnosis was unveiled, one of Amy’s social media followers asked how she would “deal with the possibility” of being on the Gene spectrum. “How do I deal? I don’t see being on the spectrum as a negative thing, “he replied. “My husband is my favorite person I’ve ever met. She is kind, cheerful, interesting and talented and I admire her. Should I expect my son not to be like that? “

Amy Schumer Chris Fisher
Amy and Chris welcomed their son Jean in May 2019.

Meanwhile, Amy and Chris celebrated their four-year anniversary last month after tying the knot in a secret wedding in Malibu, California in February 2018. The news came just four days after their relationship was publicly confirmed. The couple welcomed their son through a c-section on May 5, 2019, just 15 months later.

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