Big Sky season finale shockers – what you need to know

The Big Sky season finale ties up several loose ends — leaving other plot threads waiting to be sewn up when the series returns this fall.

The episode, which will air Thursday night, is titled ‘Catch a Few Fish’ and there’s finally a solution for Ren and Jag Bhullar (Janina Gavankar, Vinny Chhibber) about her dictatorial, stone-cold father, drug lord Veer Bhullar (Bernard White) – who is also at Travis’s (Logan Marshall-Green) side. He’s finally making his move to get revenge after talking about it (or mumbling about it?) all season.

Of course there’s more, but you have to watch the episode to learn how each of the “Big Sky” protagonists (and antagonists) get to their arrival and departure points (no spoilers here), and it’s an interesting journey for everyone involved – including new Sheriff Beau Arlen (Jensen Ackles)who arrives in Big Sky to temporarily take over Sheriff Tubb (Patrick Gallagher), who is still recovering from his near-fatal gunshot wound. Ackles will be a series regular in Season 3, so he’ll be around for a while.

Acting Sheriff Arlen, a good old Houston boy (with references to problems there), makes an awkward entry into the world of “Big Sky”; he fixes an oil leak and asks for Cassie’s help (he thinks she’s a man since he can only see her boots from his vantage point under his truck) – then tells her she can’t possibly know something about cars (as a woman and such). He quickly apologizes, as does Jenny (Catherine Winnick) When you first meeting and he calls her “darling”. Arlen also has a good sense of humor and is deeply self-deprecating, so know that next season we’ll learn more about his backstory, with baggage including a remarried ex-wife and her daughter.

Cassie (Kylie Bunbury) joins the case in Thursday night's season finale "big sky" on ABC.  She's standing outside in a backyard, holding a gun in both hands (it's pointing down).
Cassie (Kylie Bunbury) is involved in the case on Thursday night’s season finale of ABC’s “Big Sky.”

(Ackles, the former “Supernatural” star, also joins “The Boys” as Soldier Boy in Season 3, which premieres June 3 on Prime Video.)

Ren and Jag, meanwhile, are on the run with Dad after he sacrificed Jag to save his own thin skin last week – and Jag’s life was spared by a vengeful Richard Ford (Dallas Roberts) simply for missing his aim. Neither child is forgiving, and Ren is determined to take over the family drug business once and for all.

The writers haven’t forgotten about Scarlett and Phoebe (Anja Savic, Zoë Noelle Baker); They’re here too, still on the run, hiding from the evil syndicate guy who wants the information Scarlett took from Ronald (Brian Geraghty) – and will kill for it. Her story is solved… sort of…

Reba McEntire will join the cast in the next season as Sunny Brick, the matriarch of a seedy (what else?) Big Sky family. She doesn’t appear in Thursday night’s season finale, but the stage is set for her inevitable clash with Cassie, Jenny et al.

The season 2 finale of “Big Sky” airs Thursday, May 19 at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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