Bikini bombshell told to ‘cover up’ on mainly Muslim island

A scantily clad Australian influencer was reportedly asked to “cover up” while vacationing on the beaches of a predominantly Muslim island.

Mikaela Testa, 22, is adored for her hourglass figure, which she flaunts to her 1.6million TikTok and 136,000 Instagram followers, and poses in micro bikinis.

And while they may be big fans of their sassy outfits, the locals on Cocos Island weren’t.

“So yesterday I landed in Cocos and the lady who owns the Airbnb we’re staying in received a few calls from some locals saying I should wear something more culturally appropriate because this island is predominantly Muslim,” the TikTok shared -vlogger with.

“So today I’m covering up to show some respect and I respect her wishes 100 percent.”

Testa and her TikTok colleague and friend Atis Paul are currently vacationing on Cocos Island, an Australian territory halfway between Australia and Sri Lanka. According to the 2016 census, the small island was 75% Muslim.

As Testa explains the situation to her viewers in her daily vlog, she’s wearing a brown scarf covering her head and shoulders and a skin-tight maxi dress.

In Muslim culture, it is often customary for women to cover, or choose to cover, everything but their hands, face and feet when in public.

Mikaela Testa has 1.6 million TikTok and 136,000 Instagram followers.
Mikaela Testa has 1.6 million TikTok and 136,000 Instagram followers.
Mikaela Testa and Atis Paul explore Cocos Island
Influencer Mikaela Testa is shown with her boyfriend Atis Paul.

Testa didn’t seem to dismiss locals’ requests, but some still commented on her posts, claiming she hadn’t done enough – some noting that her dress was skin-tight and had necklines that emphasized her hips and cleavage.

“’I cover myself up to show respect’, Mikaela too: wears skin-tight clothing. Girls just stop lowkey is disrespectful,” wrote one commenter, passing Nataliaa.

“What are you talking about, you didn’t cover anything,” added user Osama937. “She wasn’t talking about your hair.”

Mikaela Testa and her boyfriend Atis Paul
Mikaela Testa opted to wear a scarf on the trip with her boyfriend, but she still faced backlash.

However, most of her supporters seemed to appreciate her attempt to cover up and placate the locals.

“Why do people hate so much, especially the people who aren’t even Muslims? I’m Muslim and thought it would be really respectful of her to cover up as best she can!” A TikTok user named Saba posted.

“At least she’s trying to show respect. She’s obviously not aware of everything in the culture but she tries to be respectful of the locals,” one commenter noted, while another wrote, “Thank you for showing respect.”

“I love how you respected her wishes and covered it up as best you could. As a Muslim, thank you,” agreed one supporter.

This isn’t the first time Testa has come under fire for her social media posts. Testa drew a lot of criticism in 2019 when she posted a tearful video – which went viral – protesting Instagram’s decision to stop showing ‘likes’.

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