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Brendan Armstrong called Braille Ivers his proposal “the best decision of his life” in a new post announcing his exciting involvement and featuring epic photos.

Brendan Armstrong Is a busy man! 27 years old Dancing with the stars The professional dancer proposed to his beautiful girlfriend Brylee Ivers Celebrating March 7 and with an exciting post on Instagram. They shared some eye-catching pictures of them posing with each other on the night of the proposal and showing off their new diamond ring, and added a special and romantic caption about their new fianc to accompany them.

“I made a good decision some time ago to ask you on a date … last night I made the best decision of my life by asking you to be my wife! I love you forever bry! ❤️, “read the caption.

Brendan Armstrong
Proposed by Brendan Armstrong on March 7. (Martin de Boer / ABC)

The soon-to-be bride shared the same happy pictures with her simple but powerful message on her Instagram. “My whole heart for the rest of my life. I can’t wait to marry you @brandonarmstrong !!!!! Oh, “he wrote.

In the lovely snapshot, the lovebird is hugging and kissing as she holds a dozen red roses and is wearing her new shiny gem. They are both wearing fashionable outfits, including a black and white patterned bomber style jacket over a white shirt and black pants for her and a light tan turtleneck sweater and matching jeans for her.

The couple gave an interview People Shortly after the engagement, which took place in a theater, and revealed behind-the-scenes information about big plans and special nights.

“I’ve been planning this for months now,” Brendan told the outlet. “Braille is big in memory. So I was thinking, if I make a movie trailer, can she keep it forever? The first time we had an in-depth conversation was outside a movie theater.

“It was the first time he had ever told me he loved me,” Braille replied.

“I wanted it to be perfect, a representation of everything we’ve done so far, for which we stand,” Brandon added. “I wanted it to be big and bright. But I’m not a good speaker and noisy person. When the trailer came out I started crying and I realized I was broken. All our best friends and family were there and I took her, told her I loved her and couldn’t wait to start a family with her. I am so excited for our future together! ”

Brandon and Braille started dating in 2021 when he found her on a dating app and stopped texting her on Instagram.

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