British actor Stephen Fry spots a car that many ignore

British actor Stephen Fry recently discovered the importance of a car feature whose purpose many drivers are unaware of.

Fry, 64, shared the meaning of the small triangle next to the fuel gauge icon with his 12.4 million Twitter followers.

“Well, boil me in prune juice and call me Daisy. I didn’t know until now that you can tell which side of a car the gas cap is on by having a little arrow next to the pump symbol,” he says tweeted.

“64 years on the planet shrouded in ignorance. My life has changed forever,” the actor continued.

Ford CEO Jim Farley responded to Fry on Twittershare the backstory for the feature.

“The idea for this indicator symbol was suggested by a @Ford engineer named Jim Moylan in 1986,” Farley shared.

“It was such a useful idea that it eventually spread to other manufacturers,” he added.

Farley shared the original letter pitching the idea, which included an illustration.

“The gauge or symbol I have in mind would be near the fuel gauge and simply describe to the driver which side of the vehicle the fuel filler flap is on,” Moylan wrote in April 1986.

“Based on personal experience … I think this little indicator would take the guesswork out of which side I want to park on,” the letter reads.

The icon was first used in the 1989 Ford Escort and Mercury Tracer and was later adopted by other automakers, according to Fox.

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