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Reading the caption in Britney Spears’ new Instagram post sent fans into a frenzy! Many wondered if Starr secretly married Sam Asgari when he called her “husband”.

Britney Spears On March 3, he posted a video of the sea turtles on his Instagram page, but it was his caption that made everyone talk. “My husband Sam Asghari Send it to me, “Brittany wrote, along with some facts about sea turtles. Brittany and Sam announced their engagement in September 2021, but it is not yet known if they are engaged. So, calling Britney Sam her ‘husband’ definitely caught some people off guard!

“Did anyone say husband ??” One person commented on the post, while another wrote, “Did you all tie the knot?” A lot of people commented with the word HUSBAND in capital letters at the bottom of the post, to make sure Brittany knew she wasn’t missing a quote. However, a few hours ago, Brittany posted an Instagram tribute to Sam for her birthday, where she called him her ‘fianc’ ‘, not her husband.

Interestingly, however, on Valentine’s Day, Sam described Britney as his “wife” in another post. “Women are the most powerful people on earth,” she wrote. “Listen, what they don’t teach you in school is that your ability to listen and agree with your wife, even if you don’t agree, is the key to a happy life. What do they say? Happy wife. , Happy life. “

Britney Spears Sam Asgary
Britney Spears and Sam Asgari on the beach. (

Brittany and Sam are currently enjoying a tropical holiday for their 28th birthday. In their March 3 tribute to Sam, Britney shared their future together. “Happy birthday to my fianc,” she wrote. “I love you so much. I want a family with you… I want it all with you !!” This is not the first time that Brittany has hinted at having future children with Sam that she is now out of her conservatism.

“I’m thinking of having another baby !!!” He wrote on Instagram in November. Brittany claims that during her conservatism she was forced to have an IUD in her body, but now that she is free, the possibilities are endless!

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