Carole Baskin dances to a TikTok song that claims she killed her husband

Unlike her missing husband, Carole Baskin refuses to disappear.

The 60-year-old “Tiger King” star returned to the spotlight on Wednesday, starring in two viral TikTok videos that have racked up more than 3 million views.

The CEO of Big Cat Rescue appeared in the clips alongside two young ladies as they performed a dance routine to Brooklyn Charles’ track “Savage: Tiger King Edition.”

The song’s lyrics allege that Baskin murdered her missing husband, Don Lewis – who hasn’t been seen since 1997.

In the TikTok videos, Baskin can be seen laughing and jokingly trying to cut the music while Charles raps the lyrics, “Carole Baskin/ killed her husband/ hit him.”

“No, I didn’t!” Baskin mouths as the song continues.

Baskin has vehemently denied any involvement in Lewis’ mysterious disappearance.

Thousands of people left comments under the clips, with one writing: “How did you get her to agree to this?!”

“You can say many things about Carol, but you can’t say she’s not an icon!” Another fan chimed in.

Baskin rose to fame after appearing in the Netflix documentaries in 2020 "King of the Tigers."
Baskin rose to fame after appearing in the 2020 Netflix documentary Tiger King.

Baskin has been in the spotlight since appearing in the 2020 Tiger King docuseries.

The Netflix documentary, which centered on Baskin’s feud with zoo keeper Joe Exotic, became a megahit in the early days of the pandemic.

On the show, Exotic accused Baskin of killing her husband before feeding them to tigers at their big cat sanctuary.

In 2020, Baskin slammed her performance in Tiger King, calling it “racy and sensational.”

Baskin has been in the spotlight since her appearance "King of the Tigers."
Baskin has been in the spotlight since her appearance in Tiger King.
Araya Doheny/Getty Images

“As part of this, there is a section that suggests, with lies and innuendo from people who are not credible, that I had a role in my husband Don’s disappearance in 1997,” she wrote.

But Florida native Baskin has been in the spotlight since starring on the show.

In September 2020, she appeared as a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars,” where she performed a dance routine to the track “Eye of the Tiger.”

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