Charli D’Amelio says her boyfriend Landon Barker supports her

Charli D’Amelio made her Dancing With the Stars debut on September 19, and boyfriend Landon Barker was there to cheer her on. “He was very proud of me,” the TikTok star told People after the show. “He’s never seen me dance, so I guess I was nervous, but he was always so supportive.” D’Amelio and her onscreen dance partner Mark Ballas received the night’s highest score for their performance of a remix by Megan Thee Stallions “Savages”.

Rumors of D’Amelio and Barker’s relationship first surfaced in June when 18-year-old Barker – who is following in the footsteps of his musician father Travis Barker – was spotted with D’Amelio after one of his shows. Later that month, a source told People that “they’re seeing each other and it’s early stages.” The couple became official on TikTok in July, when Barker shared a clip of the couple cuddling up.

While D’Amelio may have her boyfriend’s support on Dancing With the Stars, she also faces stiff competition — not least from her own mother, Heidi, who is also competing this season. “We love each other. But she wants to win. I want to win,” Heidi told People before the show aired. “But in the end there can only be one winner.”

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