Cheney Jones admits to having BBL but refuses plastic surgery on face – Hollywood Frog

Cheney Jones, who is dating Kenny West, shared an adorable photo of herself before her ‘BBL’ on her Instagram story and revealed five things about herself.

Cheney Jones Is setting a record for plastic surgery directly on her face after being compared to Kim Kardashian. The student, who was recently spotted on a date with Kim’s ex Kenny West, 44, recently shared two new posts in her Instagram story, including a photo of her appearing in a black swimsuit at the age of 20, and a photo containing five facts about her. In a snapshot post, the beauty admitted to taking a Brazilian butt lift but denied other forms of plastic surgery.

“I think I was 20 years old here. That was before my BBL, “captioned the photo. “Same face, same nose lol. I’ve never denied surgery and to answer everyone’s questions, I had BBL but I’ve always been fat before surgery.”

In the five-point photo, Cheney reveals that he is “European, French, German, West African, Nigerian, and Ghana” and says he is the “CO” of the business, “First State Behavioral Health.” She also revealed that she is currently pursuing a “Masters in Counseling, maintaining a 4.0 GPA” and stated that she has “never had surgery” on her face. “I was born that way,” he wrote confidently with a shy emoji.

Cheney revealed that she is 24 years old and was “a virgin born on August 28” and “from Dover, Delaware.”

Before Cheney grabbed attention for her latest posts, she is doing so for her outing with Kenny. The dark-haired beauty has been lauded for her figure-flattering outfit and long hair style, which makes her look like Kim, who filed for divorce from Kanye in February 2021, and during the dates, legalized by the judge. Single status was achieved. From crop tops and black leather pants to black silk tank tops and matching leggings, Cheney has proven that she can rock any fashion. Staying connected with the Kardashians The star will probably choose.

On March 4, Shandar Gail surprised her followers again when she posted several photos of herself shaking a brown thong bikini while posing on the sand. She added chunky athletic tan boots to go with the look.

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