Cheney Jones Rocks Leather Shorts With ‘Legally Single’ Kanye West – Hollywood Frog

Cheney Jones is now unveiling her hottest look that Kanye West was legally declared single in her and Kim Kardashian’s divorce proceedings.

Cheney Jones, 24, was seen with while serving some sexy look up Kenny West, 44, the first time he was legally declared single. He shook off some black leather shorts that gripped his curves and a matching crop top leather jacket. The model completes her cool look with a pair of sunglasses. She was accompanied by a man wearing a black tank and jeans.

Cheney Jones, Kenny West
After Kanye West was legally declared single, Cheney Jones stopped wearing leather shorts. (MEGA)

“Gold Digger” rapper and his wife Kim Kardashian The best divorce is not. She appeared in court yesterday where her request to be legally single was granted and her last name was removed from her name. During the trial, Kim also shared that her four children were “OK” despite the drama. It is possible that the Grammy Award-winning actor was not happy with the decision because he had previously blocked his request to remain single legally.

He was seen making a very intense phone call just hours after the hearing. He was dressed in black as he was spotted speeding off Four Seasons in Miami Beach while holding his phone away from his speakerphone. You also threw a disturbing music video of her dragging her boyfriend. Of Pete David The corpse and his severed head are being held.

Cheney Jones, Kenny West
Cheney Jones walked out with Kenny West, shaking off a leather jacket and matching shorts. (MEGA)

Yeh’s current “muse,” Cheney, has also been described as looking like Kim Kardashian. Not only do the two women look alike with their dark brown hair and curvy figures, but Cheney is accused of imitating it. Staying connected to Kardashian The style of the star. On several occasions, she has been seen wearing a signature Kardashian catsuit and a chick thong bikini.

While his and Cheney’s similarities are certainly not out of place with the founder of SKIMS and he finds it “a little strange,” said a source close to Kim. Hollywood Frog In particular, she doesn’t care who “he is dating, she just wants him to be a good person because if anything ever happens to her, she will be a part of Kim’s life.” So, in the end, Kim is hoping for the best, even if the person dating Kanye looks like him, or doesn’t look like him. “

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