Courtney Kardashian Toilet Papers Travis Barker’s Lawn And Share Photos – Hollywood Frog

Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker love to have fun in their relationship – and of course, they also enjoy some healthy jokes back and forth!

Courtney Kardashian42, and fiance Travis Barker, 46, enjoys teasing each other and – judging by Courtney’s “Weekend” roundup Instagram share – she had the last laugh! On Monday, March 7, the Push founder shared a series of photos with his 163 million followers. The first photo in the series shows Travis’ spotless lawn covered in toilet paper with the word “Got You” written on it.

In the photo below, Courtney showed that she had not yet been treated with toilet paper. She clearly thought she was joking, as she wrote the acronyms “LOL” and “HAHA” on the toilet paper in front of her. He added the letter “K” to the artistic lawn setup as his way of signing it. The next two photos are completely random and have nothing to do with her humor, but have everything to do with her life!

The third slide is a video in which two horses are seen walking around and kissing each other wet. The photo below is the most amazing, perhaps. In it, Courtney is seen hiding her celebrity and wearing a long trench coat, black sunglasses and a black hat. She’s taking a glass selfie with a background that looks like a (laughing) public restroom!

Many of the photos below are also very random. A photo shows a drawing of Travis, whom he pointed to on his Instagram, Courtney’s daughter, Penelope disc, 9, pulled for him. Other photos are of delicious food that the couple – who are currently planning their wedding – took over the weekend. The last photo in the series is of a stack of toilet paper, pointing to the possibility that Courtney wasn’t naughty yet! Although Courtney apparently joked with TP, Travis didn’t think it was ridiculous. Although he comments on almost every one of his female love posts, Eyelid 182 The radio was silent in Dholak’s remarks.

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