Daisy Ridley launches pixie haircut makeover at Paris Fashion Week – Hollywood Frog

Daisy Ridley was hailed at Paris Fashion Week with a new haircut and a fashionable blue patterned coat as she posed for self-confidence and stunning photos.

Daisy Ridley, 29, proved that she can turn off any hairstyle during her latest public appearance! The actress turned her head when she praised a new pixie style cut at a Paris Fashion Week event in Paris, France. She looked stunning with a small lock that perfectly framed her face, and she was very different from her previous chin-length style.

Daisy Ridley
Daisy Ridley waving her new pixie cut. (Laurent VU / SIPA / Shutterstock)

In addition to cutting her hair, Daisy made a lasting impression with her fashion choices. She posed in a blue patterned coat, tied at the waist, over a gray turtleneck sweater and with just makeup there that naturally brought out her shiny features.

Daisy Ridley
Daisy Ridley before cutting her hair. (Jim Rumen / UPI / Shutterstock)

Daisy was photographed the same day in her blue jacket, making an appearance at the Gambatista show at Paris Fashion Week. She took off her jacket to show off her gray sweater, which was cropped and tied at the bottom under a cut-out section, and she paired it with a knee-length leopard pring skirt. She was also wearing black PVC pants-high platform boots and was holding a black purse when she stopped to pose for photos.

The talented star was spotted sitting next to a fellow actor Vanessa Hudgens As she watched entertaining fashion shows. The two looked innocent as they leaned towards each other to take photos around the other audience.

This is not the first time Daisy’s epic performance at Paris Fashion Week has caught her attention at an event. Beauty is often known to show off premiums and parties with various celebrities in some great fashion options.

Back in 2019, she wore a red sitting dress Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker The TCL premiered at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA, and before that, in 2017, she wore a sequined black sleeveless dress with white stars for the premiere. Star Wars: The Last Jedi In Los Angeles.

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