‘Danger!’ Champion Mattea Roach’s winning streak ends with $1

It was a collapse of the dollar.

5th Best Jeopardy! The contestant had ended her run after missing a Final Jeopardy question in a game that was literally down to the last dollar on Friday night.

Mattea Roach — a 23-year-old Canadian tutor who won $560,983 over the course of 23 games — had a $19,200 lead in the final round but hesitated when asked to list the two mayors who won one The built-up facility takes its name from the site of a former racetrack owned by Coca-Cola “magnate” Asa Candler.

Perhaps in the spirit of the upcoming Kentucky Derby, the confused Roach guessed, “Who are Churchill and Downs? idk.”

She bet and lost $3,601 while challenger Danielle Maurer – a digital marketing manager and Georgia resident – answered correctly.

With just $11,400 left before Final Jeopardy, Maurer wagered $4,200 to earn the win, scoring $15,600 against Roach’s $15,599.

Mattea Roach was admittedly stumped by her final question on Final Jeopardy.
Mattea Roach was admittedly stumped over her latest Final Jeopardy question.
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“Obviously I didn’t get through the last one, but I still feel so fortunate and fortunate to have had that experience,” Roach said.

But her run on the game show has placed Roach in an extremely elite category, surpassed only by Jeopardy! Legends Ken Jennings, recent phenomena Amy Schneider and Matt Amodio, and James Holzhauer for money and games won.

“When I think about the caliber of these four players, I really don’t think I deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as them, to be honest,” Roach added.

Mattea Roach set an impressive show record with 23 consecutive wins.
Mattea Roach set an impressive show record with 23 consecutive wins.

“And there’s a noticeable financial gap between my money and hers, but it’s an amazing achievement. I can not believe it. It’s such an honor to be spoken of in relation to people like Ken, James, Matt, Amy. It’s wow. There are no words.”

Roach, who said her time on the show “still feels like a dream,” was quick to admit she began her run with modest expectations.

“I really came here hoping to maybe win a game and that’s why I still can’t believe it.”

Roach admitted to having small expectations when she first showed up "Danger!"
Roach admitted to managing her expectations when she first appeared on Jeopardy!

Before her elimination, the “Danger!” Elite also opened up about who they think should become the show’s next permanent host.

“I would say Ken because of his history with the show,” Roach Vulture said of the current host. “As a contestant, it’s very special to be on stage with the greatest player of all time. Someone who understands, in a very deep way, what it’s like to be in your position.”

However, she added kind words for host and actor-turned-scientist Mayim Bialik.

“Mayim is fantastic, but she doesn’t have the same experience.”

But it’s not the end of Roach’s journey. The impressive youngster – who said his winnings will go towards student loans – will return to next autumn’s Tournament of Champions.

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