‘Danger!’ The candidates apologize to Diana Ross for the highest age insult

As Diana Ross sings, “You can’t hurry love” — or, apparently, a clueless “Jeopardy!” contestant.

A few competitors were during Monday night’s episode extremely embarrassed after their mutual loss during Final Jeopardy.

The note given: “In 2021, at age 95, this singer set a Guinness World Record for oldest person to have released an album of new material.”

The correct answer: Tony Bennett, who released “Love for Sale” with Lady Gaga last year, earning him the record-breaking title.

Unfortunately for contestants Karen Johnson, who put down $7,401 of her $15,400 in cash, and defending champion Finn Corrigan, who bid his entire $11,400 pot, was the answer not her guess from Diana Ross – who, by the way, is just 77 years young.

Final Jeopardy contestants
“Danger!” The contestants try to answer a clue that left two of them embarrassingly at a loss.

However, player Margaret Chipowsky hit the answer, betting $9,000 of her $9,800 earnings, bringing her total to $18,800.

An embarrassed Johnson later sent her “deepest apologies” to the legendary R&B singer on twitter for the faux pas.

Karen Johnson
Karen Johnson also incorrectly guessed Diana Ross.

“I didn’t really think you were the answer, but I was running out of time and had to do something! 😬😭,” she tweeted on Tuesday.

Corrigan, who lost everything with his big bet, reiterated Johnson’s defense.

“Me too!” he wrote. “I knew she wasn’t nearly that old, but it’s better to write something than nothing. I’m just glad we’re in this together hahahaha.”

Finn Corrigan
Finn Corrigan bet his entire $11,400 pot on his wrong answer.
Diana Ross
Diana Ross, 77, is indeed a Guinness World Record holder to have released an album of new music in 2021 – but she wasn’t the answer to Final Jeopardy’s question on Monday night.
Getty Images
The Supremes
The Supremes, led by Diana Ross (center), in 1964.
Getty Images

The former Supremes founder released an album of new music called Thank You last year. She also earned a Guinness World Records title with the lofty title of Most Successful Female Singer of All Time in 1993 – not too shabby for a woman whose 78th birthday comes this Saturday, March 26.

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