Dave Chappelle’s alleged attacker, Isaiah Lee, has been charged with assault

The bystander who attacked Dave Chappelle on stage while armed with a bladed firearm was identified on Wednesday as he was booked on felony assault with a deadly weapon.

Isaiah Lee, 23, of Los Angeles, has been charged with the 48-year-old comedian’s shocking on-camera assault at Tuesday night’s show at the Hollywood Bowl, the LAPD said.

LAPD spokeswoman Lizeth Lomeli confirmed that he was carrying a replica handgun with a blade.

Lee was booked just after 3:30 a.m. Wednesday and being held on $30,000 bail, records show.

He was listed as 5 feet 10 inches tall and only 140 pounds, and an address given for him matched that of an LA homeless shelter.

He was also hospitalized after security forces pounced on him. Video showed his arm twisted and apparently snapped as he was booed while being led to an ambulance strapped to an upright stretcher.

Lee also appeared to have a bloated, bloody right eye as well as a bloody nose as he was wheeled out in flames in a t-shirt that read “Hollywood,” similar to skateboard magazine Thrasher’s logo.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” shouted one member of the crowd, while another yelled, “They’re beating your ass!”

Isaiah Lee can be seen in photos on social media.
Isaiah Lee can be seen in photos on social media.
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The footage also showed Chappelle joking about how he was “stomping backstage” after the attack.

Lee was caught in shocking video footage suddenly dashing at Chappelle from the right, temporarily knocking him down with a flying tackle. The stage intruder then sped off, pursued by security guards, as a bystander yelled, “Break his ass!”

Security “rushed out and started punching and kicking Chapelle’s attackers,” tweeted Buzzfeed News reporter Brianna Sacks, who attended the gig, which was part of the Netflix Is A Joke festival.

Dave Chappelle's attacker is swollen, injured and tied to a stretcher as he is rushed to hospital after his attack on the comedian, which Chappelle was performing as part of his Netflix festival, when a man came out of the audience and threw him to the ground .
Isaiah Lee has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

“Chapelle continued while the guy got punched in the back,” she said.

“The comedian had literally just said he’s more secure now because of all the uproar from his jokes about the trans community,” she said, explaining why Chappelle’s first joke after the attacker was that it was “a trans man ” have to be.

Chappelle was comforted onstage by Chris Rock, who jokingly referred to his own attack onstage at the Oscars and asked, “Was that Will Smith?”

The attacker is seen with bruises all over his face and a swollen eye as he was transported to the ambulance.
Isaiah Lee was taken to hospital after security forces pounced on him.

Smith’s slap in the face — and the heightened threat felt by comedians — was also part of Chappelle’s set of his own fear, Sacks said.

“What’s really surreal about it is that Chapelle has been talking about Chris Rock and the slap in the face/new reality that comedians are facing/more secure now that he and his wife are worried about him,” she said.

“He made a whole lot about a madman coming to his house and chasing him in his car,” she said.

The attacker was quickly rushed and knocked out by people in the star-filled audience.
Isaiah Lee was booked for assault.

Hollywood star Jamie Foxx, 54, was one of the first to storm the stage.

“Whenever you’re in trouble, Jamie Foxx shows up in a sheriff’s hat,” Chappelle joked of the actor’s then-unusual headgear.

It was unclear if Lee attempted to use the alleged weapon, which can eject a knife blade “if you discharge it properly,” police told NBC Los Angeles.

Isaiah Lee had been carrying a replica handgun with a blade inside when he attacked Dave Chappelle.
Isaiah Lee was allegedly carrying a replica pistol with a blade inside when he attacked Dave Chappelle.
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It was also unclear how he’d managed to get it into the venue, forcing viewers to go through metal detectors and even having a cell phone ban on the show.

Still, several bystander videos surfaced even though all phones were supposed to be kept in specially designed pouches, NBC noted.

Viewers credited Chapelle’s team with stopping the attack and called the venue’s security “nonexistent”.

Isaiah Lee stormed the stage at the Netflix Is A Joke festival just after Dave Chappelle addressed how he needed to improve security.
Isaiah Lee allegedly stormed the stage at the Netflix Is A Joke festival shortly after Dave Chappelle addressed how he needed to step up security.
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“It appeared Dave’s entourage, security and crew were handling the situation,” Jed Simon told The Post.

Simon said Chapelle performed again even as security guards were still fighting the assailant on stage.

“When Dave got back to the mic he kept saying, ‘Get off the stage,’ because the attacker was still on the stage and was being held down by 20 people,” said Simon.

The suspect is arrested after the attack on the stage.
The suspect is arrested after the attack on the stage.

Another viewer, Geoff Witt, told The Post there was “shock and anger” at the attacker.

“It was just a stupid person trying to do something stupid,” he told the Post. “Somehow he got past the initial security.”

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