Don’t worry darling ending explained, spoilers

Don’t Worry Darling, the new film starring Florence Pugh and Harry Styles and directed by Olivia Wilde, has sparked a lot of drama off screen – but the real action is on screen. In the film, Pugh plays Alice, a young woman who lives in a town called Victory with her handsome husband Jack (Styles). It’s a retro 1950s corporate town — every man who lives there works for the Victory Project while the women stay at home, cleaning their houses, running errands and raising children. The leader of the Victory Project is Frank (Chris Pine), whom everyone adores. But when her friend Margaret (KiKi Layne) starts acting strange, Alice can’t help but question her idyllic life. It all leads to a big twist – so let’s break down the ending of the film.

The men of the Victory Project go to work in the desert every day, and the only rule for the women is not to follow them there. Margaret tells Alice that she broke this rule with her son and that they subsequently took the child away from her as punishment. Alice also goes to the desert and finds a strange building. But then she wakes up in her house without knowing how she got there. She continues to question her reality and Jack seems determined to help her figure things out.

Things come to a head when Jack and Alice throw a dinner party after Frank gets a promotion from Frank at the company. Frank confronts Alice in her kitchen and tells her he’s been waiting for someone to challenge him and he welcomes her. So at the dinner party, Alice explains all the things about life in Victory that don’t make sense. Every woman appears to be from the same three cities, met her husband in the same three ways, and honeymooned in the same three places. And nobody can remember how they got there. When Alice reveals that she went to the desert, her guests turn against her for breaking the unique rule.

However, Alice convinces Jack that things are not right and that they need to get out. He agrees and they go to their car. But instead of driving away, he sits while mysterious men in red overalls come and take Alice away. He yells, “F*ck!” into the night air.

This is the twist moment. The Victory Project is a fake, Matrix-like simulation. In the real world, Alice is a very busy doctor and Jack (who is actually American) is her unemployed and struggling boyfriend. He hates that she works so much but she tells him she loves her job. Jack is obsessed with Frank, who champions the beliefs of The Victory Project online – that men can reclaim the life they “deserve,” aka the retro societal norms that play a role in the sim. Jack chooses a life for her and sends her into the simulation – without Alice’s knowledge or consent. In the real world, their bodies are in bed with machines attached to their heads.

Meanwhile, the Victory Project is running some sort of procedure on Alice to get her to conform again. Jack takes her home and her neighbors celebrate her return. But a song she can’t stop humming reminds her of her real life, and she confronts Jack about his lies. He reveals that when the men “go to work” each day, they touch the building in the desert, which sends them back to the real world, where they must earn enough money to pay to stay in the Victory Project. This makes Frank’s “promotion” from Jack even more gruesome: there was no job. It was all just to mess with Alice’s head. Jack tries to convince her to stay that they could be happier in the sim but they argue and she kills him. The Victory Project broadcasts a warning that Jack has been killed, and the men set out to kill Alice as well.

Alice’s best friend Bunny (Olivia Wilde) seems to be checking on them and she confirms it’s all true and she always knew it. In the real world, she lost her children, but in the fake world of the Victory Project, she can have children again. This also explains why Margaret lost her son when she went into the desert; it disappeared because it wasn’t real. Bunny tells Alice to get in the car and drive to the desert to escape.

A long chase follows. Frank almost leaves his house to stop Alice himself, but his wife Shelley (Gemma Chan) kills him. Alice eventually makes it across the desert to the building and touches the door just before the Victory Project goons catch her. The screen goes black and we hear her gasp. Alice makes it back to the real world, which may be messier, tougher, and uglier, but at least her life is her own.

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