Emily Ratajkowski Wears Nothing in Photos for Son’s First Birthday – Hollywood Frog

Emily Ratajkowski is one of the most proud women to celebrate her son’s first birthday with several nude photos showing Sylvester’s very pregnant belly before birth.

Emily Ratajkowski Wearing a birthday suit for your child Sylvester Apollo BearHappy Birthday! The mother, 30, shared a series of stunning photos that you can see here when she was pregnant with her son, who is now 1 year old. In the first photo, Emily lies in a moody blue light in a full bathtub, holding her baby bumps and breasts. In the second and third photos, she stands in a large pink chair, respectively, and poses on her knees. The last shot showed her beloved son sitting on the bed while he had a good time with his mother.

Emily welcomed her first child with her husband Sebastian Bare-McLard On March 8, 2021. The supermodel then shared the news of her son breastfeeding with a sunlit Instagram photo, the face of which is out of sight for the image. Emily captioned the post she shared on March 11, “Sylvester Apollo Bear has joined us on the side of the earth.” “

Although the My body The essayist loved to keep Sally out of the limelight, and fans got a glimpse of her face on September 30, six months after her birth. No wonder the baby was so precious! In the cute photo, which Emily posted on her Instagram stories, the baby was sitting on the couch in a knitted blue sweater with “stitches” written on it. The baby is also wearing a Mickey Mouse diaper, brown socks and a red hat. Bit Too big for him. Such a cutie pie!

Emily shared a photo of Sylvester’s other face with her IG Stories, and it’s as cute as the last. The second picture, which can be seen above, shows Sylvester sitting in his chair with Emily at lunch and with the model’s friend, the comedian. Such as Fumodoh. Sylvester is again wearing his lovely “sewing” sweater, and is also playing Ziva’s giant furry pink hat that Emily has put on her son’s head. “Trying on Zive’s hat,” Emily wrote in the photo.

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