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Brian Cranston has been happily married to his wife Robin since 1989, but that is not his first love. Learn more about Brian’s relationship history here.

From ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ to ‘Breaking Bad’, there seems to be no role. Brian Cranston, 65, cannot be a master; And she has Tony, Amy and SAG awards for showing it. But an actress role in which she has practiced for decades? As a husband, the current wife Robin Deerden68, and his first wife, Mickey Middleton.

Brian Cranston
Brian Cranston is married to two women: his first wife, Mickey Middleton, and his current spouse, Robin Deerden. (Evan Agostini / Invision / AP / Shutterstock)

Although Brian and Robin have been married since 1989, he had been married to his first wife, Mickey Middleton, for some years before they met. Although Mickey and Bryan divorced in 1982, Brian has previously talked about his relationship and the mistakes he made in his short relationship. Learn everything here to know about Brian and his wives!

Mickey Middleton

Brian married Mickey Middleton, his first wife, author and Florida native, in 1977 when the actor was just 23 years old. In his autobiography, he looks back on Mickey taking the oath. Life in parts, Sharing: “I don’t think I understand the depth and consequences of the commitment I was making. The oaths I swore were not empty. I cared about him. I loved him. But in the end, I was not ready. The couple divorced in 1982.

Although Mickey and Brian never had children, Mickey remarried her current husband. Steve Just six months after his separation from Brian. Looking back at his autobiography, Brian shared: If any of us had been honest, we would have gone our separate ways long ago … He was a sweetheart. No argument. No bitterness. We were just mismatched. “

Robin Deerden

Brian Cranston Robin Deerden
Brian Cranston has been married to Robin Deirden since 1989. (Andrew H. Walker / Shutterstock)

Brian Robin will move on to find his match at Deerden, whom he married in 1989 after a two-year courtship. After a brief reunion and tug-of-war on a joint TV show in 1986, the couple reunited, and the rest was history.

The couple’s romantic ending began ironically in a non-romantic way; Brian and Robin were working together on a show where Brian played the role of Robin’s character and a shocked lover, taking his sisters hostage. Brian shared that the couple first met on the set of a TV show Airwolf, Which Brian called “terrible.” “It changed the lives of both of us,” he added. Robin also revealed that although he had a boyfriend and Brian had a girlfriend when they met, he thought Brian was “the funniest man I’ve ever met.”

Brian Cranston Robin Deerden
Taylor Deirdon, a daughter of Brian and Robin, was born in 1993. (Paul Zimmerman / Shutterstock)

Thirty years later, things are moving fast, and Robin and Brian’s relationship is still going strong. The couple has one daughter in common, Taylor Deirdon29, who was born in 1993. Taylor herself has played some roles in the show such as American Wendell And his father’s own breaking Bad.

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