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The actress / director, who is currently dating Harry Styles, was married to Tau Raspoli and was once engaged to Jason Sudekis. Find out all about her romantic life here!

Olivia Wilde With the new path of her career, the late Hollywood scene is heating up. The 37-year-old New York native, who became a household name after starring in such hit movies Home And Tron: Legacy, As a director is killing it. In 2019, he took home The Independent Soul Award for Outstanding Debut Lead Lead Teen Drama Booksmart. Next, Olivia will take the chair for the psychological thriller Donut Warry Darling, a biopic and a woman-centered superhero film.

While Olivia’s professional life is a mixed bag of opportunities, her personal life has been quite different. She had been married for 8 years Tao RaspoliWith two children welcomed Jason Sudekis And is currently dating Harry Styles. Find out all about her romance below!

Harry Styles

Harry Styles
Olivia Wilde has been associated with Harry Styles since January 2021. (Shutterstock)

Olivia is getting more and more involved with pop superstar Harry. The couple first met on the set of their upcoming film Don’t worry darling And in January 2021, rumors of a romance erupted after they were seen holding hands while attending a wedding together. Since then, the actress and former One Direction bandmate have enjoyed romantic outings together, including a recent trip to Italy. She has also attended the recent One Direction member’s recent concerts.

The couple is said to have spent the holidays together. “Harry and Olivia are planning a vacation together,” said a source close to Olivia. Hollywood Frog Especially at that time. “They are both really close to their families so they plan to travel during the holiday season so they can spend time with everyone. Olivia’s family, especially her mother, loves Harry and they look forward to celebrating together.

Jason Sudekis

Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis share two children. (Shutterstock)

Olivia first met Jason at a final party Saturday Night Live In 2011 when he was a cast member. They started dating, and two years later Jason questioned the star in 2013. Although they never went to the street together, the couple welcomed their son. Otis In 2014 and daughter Daisy In 2016.

News of their breakup began to hit the headlines in November 2020 Ted Lasso Confirmed in an interview for Star GQIn the August 2021 issue of, the stars broke “in November 2020”. “It simply came to our notice then Why In a year, “he told the publication,” and one better in two, and one bigger in five, and it would become a chapter of a paragraph from becoming a book of my life. From a line to a word to a doodle. “Jason said of the split:” It’s an experience you either learn from or make excuses for. You take some responsibility for what you do. Make yourself accountable, but then try to learn something beyond the obvious.

Tao Raspoli

Olivia Wilde
Tau Raspoli and Oliva Wilde have been married for eight years. (Shutterstock)

Tao, 45, is a filmmaker, photographer, and musician born in Bangkok, Thailand, and raised in Rome and Los Angeles. He is the son of an aristocrat Prince Alessandro Raspoli9th Prince of Surveillance and Austrian-American Actress Debra Burger. It is unclear when Tao and Olivia first met. The couple tied the knot in 2003 in Washington, Virginia when Olive was just 19 years old.

“It simply came to our notice then. I think that’s one of the things that made me feel so uncomfortable in my marriage, “she said Lifetime Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet In 2012. “It simply came to our notice then. It made me realize that I had some kind of development. I knew I had to learn to take care of myself. ”

“I grew up with Tao; We just left, “she said in a 2013 interview Mary Claire. “I feel I have something to prove. If you fall off a horse, you get back up. I’m not going to give up. I hung out as long as I could, until it was too painful to stay.

Olivia filed for divorce in Los Angeles County Superior Court on March 3, 2011, citing “inseparable differences.” Divorced on September 29, 2011. “You go through this fantastic roller coaster with your self-defense – in the beginning you do whatever it takes to escape,” Wilde said of life after the partition. For life. “It simply came to our notice then. I lost a lot of weight and I never got any sleep. . Eventually, as everything happens, it slows down.

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