Faye Dunaway wants to “confront” me.

It’s a social media patchoff.

Emmy-nominated Saturday Night Live actor Bowen Yang said he’d love it if Faye Dunaway, 81, confronted him on the show about his Instagram profile — and she just might.

Yang, who uses the social media name @fayedunaway on Instagram, revealed the Hollywood legend is aware of Yang’s social media presence and may take action against him, Entertainment Weekly reported.

“There’s a new development here,” Yang, 31, said during an interview with Live! With Kelly and Ryan.”

“For about two weeks I’ve learned that she knows I’ve got the handle and she actually wants to come over to ‘SNL’ and confront me live on TV.”

Hosts Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa urged Yang for more details on what the “confrontation” of Tinseltown’s infamous diva would look like.

“She wants it to be like that, maybe on ‘[Weekend] Update'” Yang said.

“She’s being brought out to talk about her social media name being co-opted by this random Asian guy.”

Bowen Yang joked that he would love it if Faye Dun took legal action.
Bowen Yang joked that he would love for Faye Dunaway to do something.
Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Yang said he didn’t expect any backlash since he made the report before his rise to stardom.

“I didn’t want that because I was really just a plebeian in Brooklyn,” Yang said.

“[I thought]Best-case scenario, her people come up to me and give me about $20 and I give it to her. But now… there’s a blue tick next to my name. People might think I’m the real Faye Dunaway!”

Yang before joked on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon that he wanted the “Bonnie and Clyde” star to take legal action.

“It’s interesting, but all I want is for Faye Dunaway — the real-life Oscar winner — to sue me or something,” Yang said.

“I would go to court. I would be drawn into the longest battle with her. All I want is just an omission. Faye Dunaway, legendary actress Faye Dunaway, I just want you to come up to me and call me ‘that self-pitying homosexual’.”

In August 2019, Dunaway was sued by a former assistant who claimed the actress called him “a little gay boy.”

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