Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins shared a heartwarming moment with young fan Emma Sofía before his death

Days before Taylor Hawkins died, the Foo Fighters drummer was lured out of his hotel room in Paraguay to meet a 9-year-old street drummer who was banging away at his songs.

Emma Sofía and her father Julius Peralta had tickets to see the band at the Asunciónico music festival on March 22, but the event was canceled due to severe flooding, according to Nexstar.

Fans then learned that the Foo Fighters were staying at the Sheraton Hotel in Asuncion.

“We took her drum kit and left,” Peralta reportedly said.

Band song “ Viral SingalongsThe Pretender‘ and Nirvana’In flower‘ followed as Sofía banged on the skins while crowds of fans joined her as she sang.

The impromptu jam session eventually pulled Hawkins out of the hotel to look for the talented and tenacious young drummer.

As a smiling late drummer posed for a now viral image With his apprentice in awe, dozens of fans in the background cheered the beaming duo.

“Dreams come true,” Peralta captioned the photo in English on Twitter.

“Since my daughter found out the Foo Fighters were coming she has been campaigning to meet them,” he wrote in Spanish. “Today we took her drum kit to play in front of the Sheraton and see who came up with her reputation.”

Three days later, Hawkins was found dead at the age of 50 in a Columbia hotel room reportedly filled with a drug depot.

Taylor Hawkins on drums
Taylor Hawkins performs at the GHMBA Stadium in Geelong, Australia on March 4th.
Fairfax Media

Emma’s parents didn’t immediately inform the 9-year-old of his untimely death, explain online They hoped to spare her “a lot of pain” ahead of her Friday night debut.

They “didn’t have the courage to break the magic of this unforgettable moment,” their father wrote. He ended the post with “There goes our hero RIP Taylor Hawkins,” a nod to Foo’s hit song “My Hero.”

Taylor Hawkins smiles
Taylor Hawkins attends the Los Angeles premiere of “Studio 666” at the TCL Chinese Theater on February 16 in Hollywood, California.

Hawkins’ cause of death is still under investigation.

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