Ghost Adventures claims spooky doll shop is ‘very haunted’

There’s more to this antique shop than just toys.

Since 1989, antique dealers Michael Canadas and David Robinson have stocked collectible dolls at their museum in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. Then, in 2009, Robinson bought an old building in the neighboring town of Pacific Grove and set about restoring it to become the company’s new home, according to the company’s website.

The renovation is now complete. But it seems that some free rider — and otherworldly — tenants moved in at some point during the move-in, or perhaps well before.

“I don’t know, in the spirit sense, but I think it’s a definite energy that doesn’t go away — they can have energy, and it’s the same energy that attracts you to an object or repels you,” Canadas said recently an episode of the Discovery+ show Ghost Adventures in which a team of four investigators travel to various haunted locations and attempt to “piece together each location’s haunted story”.

In the latest episode of the show’s new season, the team visit the Carmel Doll Shop only to find that the place is actually extremely haunted.

There's more to this antique shop than just toys.
The shop is full of antique dolls from all over the world.
Courtesy of Discovery+
There's more to this antique shop than just toys.
The dolls have a “certain energy that doesn’t go away,” the store owner said.
Courtesy of Discovery+
There's more to this antique shop than just toys.
An upstairs unit has been the source of much spooky activity.
Courtesy of Discovery+
Ghost Adventures Pacific Grove
The building is one of the oldest — and busiest — in Pacific Grove.
Courtesy of Discovery+

For years, the doll shop’s owners have received complaints about construction noise from an apartment on the third floor of the building. In reality, the unit is empty, Canadas told the team. Neighbors have also reported hearing noises from the store late at night – after it was closed.

Upon entering the empty unit, the team reported sensing an energy they were “unprepared” for.

Then, during a late-night exploration of space, her ghost-searching gear reportedly picked up several stick-figure-like lifeforms. Eventually, the men claimed they could get a spirit with a female voice to speak to them and ask, “Who are you?” but their answer was too muddled to understand. However, she continued to speak and they could tell that she was saying, “Tell him to help.”

“Who are you?” they asked again, to which she eerily replied, “I don’t know.”

In the end, they noted that the doll shop was “very haunted” and full of “inexplicable poltergeist activity.”

However, “who and why [there] is such a dark energy that affects so many” in the upstairs apartment – and why the spirits appear to be asking for help – remains a mystery.

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