Golden Globes will air on NBC in 2023

The Golden Globe Awards are back, at least for now. NBC and Dick Clark Productions on Sept. 20 announced the upcoming return of the awards show in honor of its 80th anniversary in 2023. The show was previously paused after growing criticism of the lack of diversity in its voting body, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. This tepid comeback is part of a one-year deal with NBC that will allow the Golden Globes to air in other locations in the future.

Frances Berwick, Chair of Entertainment Networks at NBCUniversal, praised the HFPA’s “commitment to continuous change” in a press release. Adam Stotsky, President of Dick Clark Productions, said, “We have seen firsthand the commitment of the HFPA as it continues to modernize and fulfill its vital mission.”

With the general awards round under constant scrutiny, the Los Angeles Times published an exposé in 2021 detailing “ethical failings” within the HFPA. Perhaps most shockingly, there were no black members in the association, which at the time consisted of 87 journalists. Many actors expressed their disapproval, and Time’s Up called out the organization in a full-page ad. Shortly after, NBC said it would not air the 2022 ceremony, which still honored nominees but was not televised.

In the year since then, the HFPA says it has won 103 voters. The electoral body is now 51.5 percent “racially and ethnically diverse,” and black voters make up 10 percent. The association also donated $4.5 million to various journalism programs, film restoration projects, and charities benefiting marginalized communities, although it did not name specific organizations. “The HFPA remains committed to making important changes and supporting programs that prioritize diversity, inclusion and transparency,” said its President, Helen Hoehne.

The Golden Globes will air on NBC on January 10, 2023. The nominations will be announced on December 12th.

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