Harry Styles announces third studio album Harry’s House

Harry’s having a house party!

The British star finally announced his highly anticipated third studio album, Harry’s House, which is due out on May 20th.

Styles, 28, confirmed the news in a tweet Wednesday afternoon with a photo of himself hanging from the ceiling of an upside-down living room.

The music star and fashion icon stares at the floor of the minimalist living room with a stunned expression in gaucho blue jeans and a white collared babydoll top.

The tweet racked up half a million likes in two hours as fans showed their excitement.

The former One Direction star also teased fans with a 40-second promotional clip. In the video, Styles walks onto a stage in the same outfit he wears on the album cover and smiles mischievously for the camera as a yellow cutout is lifted from a house around him.

“Harry’s House” will have 13 tracks, according to Billboard, which is more than his previous two albums and is sure to send Styler into a frenzy. It is the third album he has released since leaving One Direction in 2016.

The announcement comes after popular celebrity gossip account Deuxmoi shared news of a potential album release and stadium tour announcement from the singer.

Hardcore fans had also spotted a mysterious website YouAreHome.co, which features a cream-colored door that opens to reveal a different image each day. Styles’ album cover image was up on the site Wednesday and linked to the 40-second trailer when the news was announced.

The various images that have appeared behind the door appear to correlate to different books or subjects, Billboard reported. The first door on March 19 featured the cover of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “Nature and Selected Essays.”

The next day, fans were shown the leaves on the cover of Haruki Murakami’s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. On the third day, the door opened to a photo of planet Earth, and the next revealed Cavallini’s mushroom puzzle.

Styles’ previous two albums, Harry Styles and Fine Line, were met with critical acclaim, were nominated for multiple awards and went on to sell-out tours in seconds.

On the high of continued success, Harry’s fans welcome home for a third run.

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