Harry Styles brings it to the bedroom of Harry’s House

It’s called Harry’s House, but the highly anticipated new album from the world’s hottest male pop star – that would be, duh, Harry Styles – plays more like Harry’s Boudoir.

In fact, the sexy intimacy on Style’s third solo album feels like peeking through the bedroom door as the former One Direction heartthrob lays it down with his current flame, actress Olivia Wilde.

Yup, put it down.

The singer, who possesses all the hip-swinging swagger that made “Watermelon Sugar” a No. 1 hit in 2020 and earned Styles his first Grammy, is a ball of falsetto playfulness at the start of “Harry House.”

“Green eyes, fried rice, I could boil you an egg/Late night, playtime, coffee on the stove/You’re cute ice cream but you could use a flake or two/Blue gum wrapped around your tongue,” coos Styles, who at the beginning of the album opener “Music for a Sushi Restaurant.

Obviously the trumpets aren’t the only things horny about this jazz-kissed come-on. And whatever’s on the menu, you’ll just say, “I’ll take what he has.”

The cover of Harry Styles' third solo album, "Harry's house."
The cover art of Harry Styles’ third solo album, Harry’s House.
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And Styles has his way with you – and whoever you hang out with in some corner of your house – on his sexiest album yet.

The next track, “Late Night Talking,” is made for late-night grooving — perhaps of the horizontal variety — as Styles hovers on a groove reminiscent of Dua Lipa’s “Levitating.”

And if you thought there were jazz vibes on “Music for a Sushi Restaurant,” Styles throws it in here. Yes, feces. And he pulls it off.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles played his second of two headlining nights at Coachella last month.
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Harry Styles
Former One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles explores his side in Harry’s House.
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Though the album’s title is a nod to the Joni Mitchell song “Harry’s House/Centerpiece,” Steely Dan and more recently Jamiroquai (remember him?) are more like Styles’ muses on songs like “Grapejuice,” a summer – ready-made romantic bop and “Daydreaming”, a perfect soul-pop soufflé that adds a pinch of 5th dimension to the mix.

Though the No. 1 single “As It Was” set the shimmering, shimmering stage for the album — with its ’80s pogo-pop that’ll have you churning out your best Molly Ringwald moves — the second half of “Harry’s House” dreamy, dazed ballads that’ll have you booing — or hitting Tinder to find one.

When the album ends with “Love of My Life” — which can’t possibly be about anyone other than Wilde — Styles sounds positively in love. Or better yet, Love-Stoned.

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