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Heather Dubro, along with her husband Terry Dubro, is promoting an exciting new show called ‘7 Year Stitch’, revealing some very interesting information about ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’.

Heather Dabro53, had a firestorm of a return season Original Orange County Housewives, But of course there’s more to come! “I’ve never ended a season like this before, which was weird and exciting and cool,” the 53-year-old said in an exclusive interview. Hollywood Frog Promoting her new show with her husband Terry Dabro, 7 year old Stitch. “And then the connectivity between the cast and the real connection between the many cast members is such a great foundation for moving forward next season. I don’t know where it goes, but it will be interesting to see. ”

Heath also revealed that he “invited” Your Judge, 54, for an event during the shoot, but in the end it “didn’t work”. “I asked her to come back this year,” Heather said, adding that she still texts. R.H.O.C. Praised her “amazing race” on the album and show. “I think one of the things the audience was looking for was a connection between the artists,” he shared. “I haven’t seen it since I went but my understanding is that it wasn’t really there, so I think this season has been a very changeable season and in that respect, and by the end of the season, I think That the audience will be really happy where it ends. ”

Heather Dabro
Heather Dabro (Bravo).

The mother of four shared how she and Terry were already filming for their new email! The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; Dr. Jennifer Armstrong About her broken marriage with her husband Rhine Holiday. “What’s so crazy about this is that we’ve been working on this show for two years now because the epidemic is pushing it back. We had a weird art-imitation-life-imitation art-art moment, ”he shared. “Terry and I were actually filming [the show] We were filming at the same time Housewife And what was so crazy about it that I would sit down with Jane and we would start talking and I would say, ‘My God, they should start 7 year old StitchThis couple! ‘”

Heather shared how, when Jennifer and Ryan were invited to dinner with another successful couple to emphasize the “really great dynamic”, things did not go as planned. We’ll peel our eyes to see what goes down!

For their new show, Terry shared a game plan: separating couples “for seven weeks to identify their problems, whether it’s financial, intimacy, physical, relationship issues – whatever,” he noted. “We are presenting them to the best experts in the world to help them solve whatever problems they have,” he said, adding that they chose the timeline because “breaking a habit. It takes four weeks and three more weeks to cement those new changes. “

“They get back together and then, finally, they can see what they look like and how they’ve changed and they decide whether to stay together or not or break up and move on. That may or may not be a good thing, ”he continued.

“Terry and I… people call us ‘couple goals’ and [ask] ‘How did you escape the curse of the reality show? Heather laughed. “You will hear people say, ‘If I had their money, I would be fine too.’ It’s not about money, it’s about working on your relationship, but it’s also about resources, and that’s where Terry and I come from.

He continued, “We [want to] Help other couples we have and use our resources and give these couples and see how it works. We are opening up our RoloDox and giving them the best therapists, and trainers and nutritionists and everything to make internal / external changes on their own.

7 year old Stitch Premiere Tuesday, March 1 at 10:00 pm ET / PT E!

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