I almost didn’t get ‘Teen Wolf’ through the gay magazine

Colton Haynes almost lost his role as Teen Wolf.

The 33-year-old revealed he almost didn’t get cast in the MTV adaptation because an executive at the network didn’t like that he took part in a photo shoot for gay magazine XY.

Haynes – who is openly gay – wrote in his newly released memoir Miss Memory Lane that he was told to hide his sexuality as it would affect his ability to land acting jobs.

“It didn’t matter who was on my team, the message I got was always the same: ‘You won’t work if you’re yourself,'” Haynes wrote.

Haynes recalled a case after he auditioned for the show – which ran from 2011 to 2017 – when his manager told him that showrunner Jeff Davis had to fight to get him on the show.

“The head of MTV almost didn’t hire you because of that XY photoshoot we worked our asses off to delete. Thank goodness Jeff fought to get you the part,” Haynes said, telling him about it from his manager.

MTV did not immediately respond to the Post’s request for comment.

According to the actor, he did the photoshoot with then-boyfriend Jay and “spent years sending cease and desist letters to everyone who posted my XY shoot.”

“Jeff was the creator of ‘Teen Wolf’ and he actually fought for me; I was grateful to him and didn’t want to blow the opportunity,” Haynes wrote in his memoir, which was released Tuesday.

According to Haynes, for years he and his team sent out cease and desist letters to anyone who posted his XY shoot.
According to Haynes, for years he and his team sent out cease and desist letters to anyone who posted his XY shoot.
Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for IMDb

Last year, Haynes released the XY with a heartfelt message about staying true to yourself.

“I’ve never posted this picture before,” he wrote. “In fact, I’ve spent a good chunk of my career wiping it off the internet while I was still in the closet. Partly because so many people in Hollywood told me I would never work as an openly gay actor, but partly because I was incredibly ashamed.”

He continued, “It made me sad to see these pictures I took as a teenage model…before I was paired with voice and movement coaches to help me stand up for the cameras…before I learned to embrace my queerness as a burden.” to see. I was jealous of him. The boy in these pictures was so open, so free. He had to be taught that being who he was wasn’t okay.”

He also included a message to fans in honor of Pride month.

“Being gay is worth celebrating. I wish I found that out sooner, but I’m so glad I know now,” he said.

However, Haynes revealed that he tried to hide his sexuality by wearing college-style clothes “to help me dress up a bit.”

In 2016, Haynes fully embraced his sexuality during an interview with Entertainment Weekly after leaving the show over unequal pay.

“I had to suppress my affects, mold my personality into what I looked like — like a dumb, dumb jock — with just enough goofy charm that people would still like me,” Haynes said.

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