,I do not know what to do!’

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen and grab a fire extinguisher.

Twitch user Kelly Caron, known as kjanecaron on the livestreaming platform, had a hot broadcast on Wednesday – after almost burning down her kitchen during a live cooking segment.

The Miami-based star – who, according to her Twitch profile, holds a degree in mechanical engineering – was cooking a steak when the pan began to smoke.

Fearing her steak would soon turn black, Caron removed the meat from the oil-soaked pan – which served as the fuel for a sudden fiery burst.

From then on, the situation really escalated.

Kelly Caron fanned the smoke before the pan she was using burst into flames
Caron fanned the smoke before the pan she was using burst into flames.
Kelly Caron cooks, pan catches fire
Cooking Tip: Adding water to a pan filled with oil will only make the flames bigger.
Kelly Caron
The amateur chef is said to have had a fire extinguisher nearby.

“Oh, s-t. F–k. F-k, f-k, f-k,” she can be heard screaming during footage over the fire alarm.

Caron tried to splash water on the pan, but that only made things worse.

“I don’t know what to do, guys,” she told her viewers in a panic. “Guys, I don’t know what to do!”

Kelly Caron poses on the beach
According to her Twitch profile, Caron has a degree in mechanical engineering.

The stream quickly ended, but the accidental firestarter took to social media hours later to reassure fans that she was okay with a selfie posted to her Instagram stories.

“Yes I’m fine just burned my hand a bit and the fire department came NBD,” she wrote in an update.

The fiasco was caught and soon shared on twitterwhere more than 4.4 million people also watched.

Witnesses on social media grilled the amateur chef for failing to use basic fire safety – live on camera.

“Don’t they teach this stuff in elementary school anymore?” asked one.

“Why would you do a cookstream if you don’t know the basics of safe cooking?” demanded another.

According to the FireRescue1 community, an official affiliate of the International Fire Chiefs Association, it is important to extinguish small fires by placing a suitable lid on the lit pan or dousing it with salt or baking soda.

While water or fans may seem like natural fire deterrents, both can actually increase the fire in the event of a grease fire. If the fire continues to grow after trying these simple methods, don’t try to move the pan and instead quickly grab a fire extinguisher.

If that doesn’t work, “Get out,” they advised, and call 911.

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