I got a famous actor tattoo for fun and it’s on my ‘Pitt’

A woman has “Brad” tattooed in her armpit just so she can ask people to meet Brad Pitt.

Samantha McCullough, 23, got the inked ode to the ‘Fight Club’ star at the last minute after booking an appointment for another tattoo.

“My tattoo artist thought it was hilarious and was willing to do it, he laughed with me,” she told Kennedy News. “I only got it on Sunday so I didn’t show it too much. But my colleagues and superiors like it.”

The self-proclaimed prankster from Waco, Texas took to social media to debut her new ink, garnering more than 1,100 reactions, 6,500 shares and 5,200 comments on Facebook.

“I guess you can say I’m a fan. I got his name, so now I can ask people to meet ‘Brad Pitt,'” she said. “I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with him, I just thought it would be fun to get a tattoo.”

In comments to her post, people called the tattoo “ridiculous” or responded with laughing emojis.

brad tattoo
The tattoo only reads “Brad” with the “Pitt” implied due to its placement.
Kennedy News and Media
She garnered thousands of interactions online after posting a photo.
Kennedy News and Media

“I’ve received a mix of online reviews – mostly good and kind reviews. A lot of people say it will be their next tattoo,” she said. “Some people think it’s stupid and a waste of money, but I still love it. It makes me laugh and that’s all that matters.”

Despite negative comments online, her family and friends were apparently thrilled. As soon as she left the tattoo parlor, she immediately bragged about the new ink to her friends and family.

Samantha McCullough
This isn’t McCullough’s first funny tattoo — she even has the words “Taco Bell” tattooed on her knuckles.
Kennedy News and Media

“My friends and family love the tattoo. Everyone’s laughed with me so far, my artist had fun too,” she said, adding that she thinks Pitt is a “good actor” — especially in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” her favorite Pitt film. “I’m curious to see who else has Brad Pitt tattoos because I know I can’t be the only one.”

But this tattoo isn’t the only humorous ink she has. She has “Taco Bell” written on her knuckles and even has a camel toe tattoo on one of her toes.

“I’m not very good at pranking anyone, but I love making people laugh and trying to pull silly pranks,” she said.

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