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After Kim formed his relationship with Pete Davidson’s Instagram official, Khloe Kardashian kindly showed support for her older sister Kim.

There is nothing like a sister’s approval stamp, especially when it comes to a new relationship. After romance with him Pete Davidson Instagram officials in sweet new photos on March 11, Kim Kardashian That’s all I got from my sister Khloe Kardashian. Kim and Pete lovingly and sweetly commented on the photos of the glamorous date, “I like it”, he is present for the couple during the drama with Kim’s ex. Kenny West.

Kim Kardashian Khloe Kardashian
After Kim formed a relationship with Pete Davidson IG, Khloe Kardashian showed her love for sister Kim Kardashian on Instagram. (Stephen Lovkin / Shutterstock)

However, Khloe will have every reason to be skeptical about her love affair with the former after her trials Tristan ThomsonShe and Pete actually have a strong relationship, and Khloe is a clear supporter of welcoming her into the family. After the first news of an illicit affair with Tristan Thomson Marley Nichols And as a result, their son, Pete, sent a bouquet of roses to Khloe on Valentine’s Day. Bloom, who divides the daughter True Thomson4, along with Tristan, was clearly impressed by the gesture and posted a flower arrangement on her Instagram story to thank Pete, calling her “the sweetest”.

Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson
Kim Kardashian shared her romance with Pete Davidson on Instagram on March 11. (MEGA)

Kholo was not the only one of Kim’s famous friends who showed her and Pete’s love in the comments. Paris Hilton While commenting her approval with a simple heart-eye emoji La La Anthony Choose a series of fire emojis to voice your love. Scott Disc Joking about the couple’s gangster style look, citing 2010 Ben Affleck-Staring movie Town In his own Deadpan comment.

As she has shown support for Kim and Pete through social media, Khloe has also expressed her displeasure over Kanye West’s recent behavior regarding Kim and Pete’s relationship. With sisters Courtney Kardashian, Kendall JennerAnd Kylie Jenner, Khloe unfollowed Kani on Instagram on February 19 in a show of solidarity with Kim. Kenny had publicly posted threats against Pete, with Kim’s texts urging him to stop sharing his conversations and to help keep Pete and his family safe.

Beyond Kim and Kanye’s relationship, Khloe found herself in some hot water with Kanye, in which she shared a photo of a “Girls Day” with her, her daughter Sachi, and Kanye and Kim’s daughter. Chicago West. Kanye criticized the filters used in the photo, and stood up for his daughter to look “too big” for her four-year-old.

Although social media may have separated Khloe and Kenny, it has clearly become a point of contact for him and Pete, and also one where he publicly delights in his emerging romance with Kim. Can do It seems that a sister’s love really makes everything better.

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