“Is it cake?” Can you spot the sweet fake from the real deal?

It’s deception at its sweetest.

A new Netflix show asks one of life’s most important questions: “Is It Cake?” On Friday, March 18, expert bakers will create cakes that look eerily like everyday objects, from conch shells to coolers. Her goal is to fool a jury of celebrity judges with her mock creations — and compete for a $50,000 grand prize.

Host Mikey Day then cheerfully reveals whether it’s cake or not by cutting into the object. The Saturday Night Live star told Yahoo he was initially nervous about slicing the cake as there was only one shot, but then: “I feel like I’ve become a cake-slicing expert! A big part of the show is the reveal.”

So make Marie Antoinette proud and see if you can tell the fake cakes from their real-life counterparts by taking The Post’s quiz below.

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