Jessica Simpson Rocks Bandana Around Son’s Hat And Chunky Platform Boots – Hollywood Frog

Jessica Simpson is trying out a ‘trend-like’ look on her latest Instagram, showing off her street-centric style with a bandana and chunky boots.

Jessica Simpson Ever the trend-setter! The fashion entrepreneur posed for a glass selfie on Monday, wearing a black long-sleeved top over black pants in chunky platform boots. She embellished the look with a large hoop earrings, a black purse, large, bold colors and a black baseball cap, with a black band tied around the base of the hat. “Tried something new with my favorite bandana and my son’s Boston hat … Trendy? Maybe “he captioned the post, pointing to an unfamiliar style that could potentially lead to a new trend.

The 41-year-old shoe designer has, of course, been rolling out all the fabulous looks on Instagram recently, showing off a few feet in a March 3 post in one of his own stores. Jessica shook a flowing dress with a high leg cut for the shot, announcing the latest update to the sales she received for her clothing company. “Holy Guakamol! The day is not over and we have already sold 16,000 clothes! ” Jessica wrote in the caption, describing her company’s appearance on HSN. “And more to come!”

Jessica proudly presented a floral-printed, ankle-length dress with another floral-print, under a brown jacket, in her store. She paired the look with strappy pastel pink heels, her signature gold locks and flowing longs.

The “unbreakable” singer has definitely been enjoying a variety of appearances on her social media page since she announced that she has lost more than 100 pounds. last year. She shared that she lost weight after giving birth to her third child, Maxwell Drew Johnson, Back in 2012. After giving birth, she abstained from alcohol and pills, which led to a healthier lifestyle. He has been serious for four years since then.

“I can’t believe it’s been 4 years! It probably feels like 2, ”he recalled in an Instagram photo of November 1, 2021. “I think that’s a good thing. Yes. There is a lot of stigma attached to the word drunk or the label of drunk. The real work that needed to be done in my life was to accept failure, pain, breakdown, and self-disruption. Drinking was not an issue. I was I did not love myself. I did not respect my power. Today I do. I have healed with fear and I have embraced the parts of my life that are just sad. I possess my personal power with spiritual courage. I am very honest and open to comfort. I am free. “

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