Josh Flag of ‘Million Dollar Listing’ and Bobby Boyd Set for Divorce – Hollywood Frog

Josh Flagg and Bobby Boyd both took to Instagram to announce their separation with messages of respect and love, revealing that they gave ‘everything’ they could to make their marriage ‘work’.

Josh Flag36, and Bobby Boyd They are calling for his release. The List of million dollars Starr and her husband announced their intention to divorce on March 4 after five years of marriage. The two shared a message on Instagram in which the news was revealed with an explanation stating that they tried their best to make things work but in the end it was not successful. And they wish each other well.

“Bobby and I are getting divorced,” Josh’s message began. “It may seem strange but I felt I should be transparent from the top instead of suppressing the title. It was not a hasty or emotional decision. We thought long and hard before we came to this conclusion.

“It was not a lack of love, but we are both moving in different directions and wanting very different things for ourselves,” he added. “I really care about Bobby and I have nothing but love and respect for him. I want to see how we can be different in representing him. Thank you all for your unwavering support.”

Bobby’s message was the same, “I will not change the world for the last 6 years of my life.” 6 years ago, I met my best friend and fell in love. From the first date we were inseparable and flew at lightning speed. Josh and I had a whirlwind of love stories for which I will be forever grateful. We’ve both taught each other a lot and learned a lot about ourselves during our relationship. “

“As this news has come out, it may seem strange to most of you, but Josh and I have been working together for the last few months to find out,” he continued. “We wanted it to be private between us and not include most of our friends and family. One thing we can say about both of us is that we both gave our all to do what we could.

“Unfortunately, as we have learned, sometimes love is not enough,” he added. “We have found that we want different things for our lives and our paths now look very different. I love Josh with all my heart and will always respect and appreciate him. I am forever grateful to her for showing me that true love exists. And now, today, we are both embarking on our new journey. It may be the end of our romantic relationship, but I will always consider her a part of my family.

He ended with a direct message to Josh and his fans. “Joshua, I love you and want nothing more than love and complete happiness,” he wrote. “Thank you all for your love, support, and understanding.”

Prior to their separation, Josh and Bobby were married in 2017 in Beverly Hills, CA, and their romance was recorded in the Los Angeles edition. List of million dollars. A memorable 2018 episode involves a big fight between the two of them a week before their wedding which went to Josh Bobby for support after disagreeing with fellow star. Josh Oltman.

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