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Two weeks after ending her relationship with Kanye West, Julia Fox reminds me of her romance and why she has no regrets about the affair for less than two months.

Julia Fox Opened up about his brief relationship with Kenny West At the time of joining the premiere Batman March 1 in New York City. “It was the best thing I could do,” said Julia Entertainment tonight. “It was like pressing a reset button. In this way a spark came back into my life which I had forgotten. He also confirmed that he and Kenny were “still friends” after their separation.

Kenny and Julia started dating after meeting at a New Year’s Eve party. They were hot and heavy for a month and a half. After several PDA-filled outings, however, Julia confirmed on February 14 that she and Kenny had separated. However, a representative for Julia revealed that they have remained “good friends and allies” since the breakup.

Kanye West Julia the Fox
Kenny West and Julia Fox before their breakup. (J. M. Hedrick / Sipa / Shutterstock)

After finishing things with Julia, Kenny is spending a lot of time with the 24 year old Cheney JonesWho closely resembles his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. On March 1, Kanye reaffirmed his relationship with Cheney by re-posting a photo of her with a “heart” emoji as a caption on Instagram. Cheney commented on the post, “My love,” and with the same heart emoji.

Kanye West Julia the Fox
Kenny West and Julia Fox match the denim outfit. (J. M. Hedrick / Sipa / Shutterstock)

Meanwhile, Kim is hoping to “end” her marriage to Kanye as soon as possible. Although the two still have work to do on their divorce settlement features, Kim is hoping to restore her “legally single” status as logistics have been established. However, Kenny has objected to some of the terms of Kim’s filing, and access lawyers are expected to haveh things in court on March 2. There has been no shortage of drama between Kim and Kenny over the past few weeks, in which she has called him on social media several times, and he claims that these posts have caused him “emotional distress”.

Julia certainly looks happy after parting ways with Kani, though, as she did at the Star-studded premiere. Batman Alone on March 1. At the moment, she is also single. “I don’t even have time to brush my hair,” he admitted. “I mean, if I meet anyone, yes. If nature makes its way and someone comes along, I would be more than happy to entertain it. But I’m not looking for anything right now. ”

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