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Nearly a decade after Ryan and Julian’s breakup, Julian Huff and his brother Derek stopped by ‘On Air with Ryan Seakrest’ while the Axis went well.

Who says exes can’t come together? Ryan Seacrest, 47, and his ex-girlfriend Julian Huff, 33, the former when had a great rapport with each other Dancing with the stars The judge was a guest on Ryan’s SiriusXM show on Friday, March 4. Julian was a guest with his brother Derek, 36, to discuss the sibling’s upcoming Oscar salute, but Ryan’s co-hosts couldn’t resist discussing it. American Idol Host’s old relationship with Julian.

Ryan and Julian dated from April 2010 to March 2013, and when the breakup happened almost a decade ago, it co-hosted them. Tania Rod And Sisni Encourage exes to gather on the air. Ryan immediately addressed the situation at the top of the interview. “Sisani and Tanya were asking me if this was weird for me, and I said, ‘Absolutely not, because we’ve been friends,'” she said.

Derek joked that he was the one who felt “weird” in the situation. Julian also agrees that the two are friends who sometimes “chat” with each other. Julian credits his “respect and love” for why they can be friends. Ryan joked that his co-hosts did not understand how they could be friends after the split. “They don’t understand the idea that friends can stay after a breakup,” he said. “There’s nothing awkward about it, because we’ve been friends for years, and still are.”

While the rest of the interview focused on Julian and Derek’s upcoming ABC special, Tania explained how she was curious to see how Ryan would work around her ex by the end of the clip. “I don’t understand ex-friends, but Ryan always talks about how he’s friends with all his ex-partners, and so I was like, ‘Oh my God,’ when I saw you coming. “I was so excited because I love you Julian, but I was like, ‘Oh my God, are you weird? Is it weird? I’m sweating for you,'” he said.

Ryan jokingly summed up the conversation about how he was still friends with his old lovers, but also made fun of his co-host. “Didn’t you hear?” Once a year, we get together with all our former friends and all of them, and we have this little festival. We have a lot of success, no, “he said.

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