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Katie Corrick and her daughter Ellie join hands in a heartfelt campaign for colon cancer awareness, 24 years after the death of Katie’s husband Jay Monahan.

When it comes to colon cancer, the battle is personal Katie Corrick65, and his daughter Eli, 30; She lost her husband and father Jai Monahan The disease in only 42 years of age. In a colon cancer screening test, a new commercial for Cologuard, Katie reveals the loss of her husband in 1998, and why she is passionate about treating and preventing the disease.

Katie Corrick's daughter Eli
Two decades after Jay Monahan’s illness, Katie Corrick and her daughter Ally appeared in a colon cancer awareness commercial. (Dave Aloka / Starpix / Shutterstock)

In the clip, Katie and Ellie appear together, a mother-daughter dinner at home while Katie’s voiceover tells the story of why she started getting regular screenings for colon cancer; In particular, the loss of her husband and the father of her children. “Colon cancer took her away from us like so many others,” Katie shared. “That’s why I made it my mission to talk about screening.”

Katie Corrick
Katie Coryk has been a long time advocate for colon cancer awareness and has even received a live colonoscopy on The Today show to combat stigma. (Dave Aloka / Starpix / Shutterstock)

Katie claims that she has made it her mission to do nothing. This is not the first time Katie has made a public statement to raise awareness about colon cancer: in 2000, she underwent a colonoscopy in the air. The Today show To stain the procedure. Katie has no qualms about taking home the importance of having regular checkups; For him, it’s the difference between being around a loved one and not being around. “When it happened to Jay, I made it my personal mission to do everything I could to help other families avoid what we did,” said Katie. People Magazine.

Jay was Katie’s first husband, and the couple married in 1989. They have two daughters: Ellie and her younger sister CarrieKatie assured him that if she was able to travel to the West Coast, she would become part of the ad. Katie lovingly shared many of the milestones she wished Jay could share with his girls, such as prom, college graduation, and walking down the street. “You don’t have to miss out on these extraordinary life-affirming moments because you were diagnosed with colon cancer,” Katie insisted. “You can detect it quickly, and it can be treated and prevented.”

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