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Kim Kardashian took to Instagram with her legally single status as she removed the last name of her ex-husband Kenny West from her profile.

Kim Kardashian, 41, has officially legalized its single status Instagram! Her Instagram profile previously listed her as Kim Kardashian West, but on Thursday, March 3, she officially removed “West” from her profile. Not only is she Kim Kardashian West on social media, she’s in the real world. During a court hearing on Tuesday, a judge granted her request to remain legally single and to officially remove her ex-husband. Of Kenny West Name from his own.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian has changed her name on Instagram. (MEGA)

You had your own reaction to the court’s decision. He initially turned down her request to be single so it is possible he wanted the same result a second time. Following the order, he was seen making an intense phone call outside of Four Seasons in Miami Beach. She also uploaded a music video for her song “Easy” during which an animated version of her was taken to Kim’s boyfriend. Of Pete Davidson Corpse and severed head.

It is safe to say Staying connected to Kardashian The star was not happy with the disturbing video. “Kim and her whole family are perfect Angry Through this. Kenny reaffirmed to the world why Kim left him and why he is better off without a black cloud hanging over him, “said a source close to the founder of the scheme. Hollywood Frog.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian on the red carpet (Image Press Agency / NoorPhoto / Shutterstock)

Paul added, “Kim is not from the West and she is no longer her husband. “He is the father of his children, and he is not setting a good example when North can go to his Instagram and watch a video of his mother’s boyfriend being killed.” This comes after the “Gold Digger” rapper’s constant insults Saturday Night Live Actors on Instagram. Pete deleted his social media due to a one-sided argument while Kim and all her sisters unfollowed him.

Despite all the drama, Kim has no intention of keeping her away from her four children The answer8, Saint6, Chicago4 and PsalmsA separate source said that she would not try to stop him from raising their children during their controversial divorce. “Despite Kanni’s public display of crude emotions, Kim doesn’t really care when it comes to her children,” the source said. “She knows Kenny lives for her children, and she loves him completely. So she has no reason to worry.”

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