Leighton Meister and Adam Brody Kiss during Surf Date in Malibu – Photos – Hollywood Frog

Adam Brody and wife Leighton Meister were spotted relaxing while surfing, proving that they are one of the most beloved couples we know!

Adam Brody42, and Leighton Mister, 35, packed on PDA taking a break to hit some waves in Malibu on Thursday, sharing a kiss while out on the beach. Adam wore a full wet suit for a walk, and he was seen smiling at his wife in a long, casual T-shirt after a sea adventure.

Adam Brody, Leighton Mister
Adam Brody and Leighton Meister share a kiss while surfing (Bains / Backgrid).

Aside from the sweet overall, the adorable couple was seen taking their surfboards back to their car after a fun day at the beach. Leighton was spotted in her wet suit for the shots, which also featured a black and white bathing suit top and bucket hat to keep out the California rays.

Adam Brody, Leighton Mister
Adam Brody and Leighton Mister Out Surfing (Bains / Backgrid).

The former teen show icon likes to spend some time with his mom and dad, but he also enjoys his day with his two children. Leighton was last seen surfing with his young son, whose name has not yet been released. The gossip Girl Elm showed off her toned figure in a wet surfing suit and a sporty green bikini below. She was photographed on the beach taking care of her son and catching some serious ocean waves – and she was looking great while doing so!

In late 2020, Leighton opened up during an interview with her husband, Adam WSJ Magazine About the couple’s latest surfing hobbies. “A big part of our quarantine life is that my wife and I are getting our brains out,” he said. “45 minutes after I get up, my wife will come down with our son half an hour later and join the party and we will check the surf on our phones. I’ve been off and on a lifetime surfer. My wife is relatively new to this but very dedicated. She’s surfing right now. “

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