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70 and fabulous! Linda Carter was just shining because she supported her friend Diane van Furstenberg who was being honored with an award.

No shoes, no problem! Linda Carter70, on Friday, March 11 in Washington, D.C. The lack of shoes did not stop her from looking unusual. Wonderful woman The icon shines in a fabulous sequin gown designed by a friend Diane van Furstenberg, Who was being honored with the Ruth Bader Ginsberg Woman of Leadership Award at the Library of Congress. While Linda probably arrived With On some high heels, he left them to pose for photographers at Soeri.

The lack of shoes was less noticeable for the shiny, long-sleeved outfit, which included color-block shades of white, silver and black for a colorful look. The floor length dress had two sexy slits on either side, allowing Linda to show off her toned legs. The 70-year-old was just glowing as her skin sparkled against the bright lights, looking just as good as she did. Wonderful woman The television series that ran from 1976 to 1979 (in particular, Linda also made a cameo in the film Gal Gadot). Vendor Woman 1984).

Linda Carter is seen on CNN Heroes. (Gregory Paes / Shutterstock)

The former Miss World USA also shook the on-point blowout. Under the red carpet lights, Linda’s brunette lock had the right amount of shine and volume. A pair of drop earrings, tied together in a Friday evening outfit.

Linda has already reflected beauty in old age, and some of her beauty secrets to maintain that jealous glow! “That’s what it is,” he said of old age The Daily Beast Back in 2018. “I will not cut everything. With all of this, I’m scared to look different, so I don’t think I will, “he said, referring to plastic surgery. However, he acknowledged” a little bit of Botox “.

“I do a little bit now and then … not too much, as you can tell,” he added. “Listen, my mother was about 90 years old when she died. There were no wrinkles on her face when she died, I’m not kidding you. I think part of it is just genetics. And my dad looks great. He is 95 years old, he looks great. I know a lot of people who have worked and they look awful. I think my ego is very weak. I think I’m scared to death, “said Potomac.

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