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Nothing is stopping Lisa Vanderpump from continuing to expand her restaurant empire … not being confined to a wheelchair after a broken leg!

Only him! Lisa Vanderpump Her broken leg and wheelchair-bound condition keep her from coming down, especially when it comes to continuing to build her restaurant brand. The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star, 61, appeared ready for action in a new photo, where she showed off her cherry-red wheelchair, the perfect size for her beloved dog Harrison with a basket. As Lisa and her team work tirelessly to open their new Las Vegas restaurant, Vanderpump á Paris, Lisa shows that no injury will hold her back from her career.

In the post, Lisa looked happy and lay down, waving a pinstriped blazer and black jeans to match the gray leg bra around her right ankle. Tagging the new addition to her restaurant empire vanderpumpparis, Lisa made it clear that she’s still getting it every day since, shot caption: “Well we’re still working!” Lisa fell in love with a fellow housewife’s comments Garsell BeowulfHe showed his support by writing “Only You” with clapping hands emoji and heart emoji.

Lisa Vanderpump
Lisa Vanderpump broke her leg in three places on January 30 after being thrown from a horse during a ride. (RWIL / / Shutterstock)

Lisa allegedly injured her leg on January 30 after being thrown from her horse, HRH Prince Tordon, during a ride in The Paddock, Las Vegas, California. TMZ. An eyewitness told reporters that after the horse erupted, Lisa was bent over and flew off her head to the ground. After allegedly landing on his back, Lisa broke his leg in two places just above his ankle and suffered some injuries around his back.

Although the past few weeks have been the opposite of a smooth ride for Lisa, she continues to overcome her injuries (and to her new restaurant) every day. In fact, Lisa also shares with Daily Mail That his treatment process is currently ‘ahead of time’. He also thanked for not being in another serious condition, although he was admitted to the hospital after being injured. Lisa shared, “It was such a devastating fall and break, I’m so lucky and thankful I didn’t break my back.

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