Måneskin is ready to rock Global Citizen Festival 2022

Måneskin had a naked awakening when they showed a little too much skin at last month’s MTV Video Music Awards.

During the Italian rock band’s pounding performance of “Supermodel,” bassist Victoria De Angelis’ top fell off, causing her chest to be fully exposed and MTV censors oddly clipping empty seats for about 40 seconds.

Meanwhile, lead singer Damiano David bared his chest – as well as his buns – while rocking bootyless leather chaps. “I wasn’t wearing a shirt, so it’s a bit antiquated that showing a woman’s nipples should be different than a man’s,” he told the Post.

Still, Måneskin hopes there won’t be another wardrobe malfunction when they take to the stage on Central Park’s Great Lawn at Saturday’s annual Global Citizen Festival. The international sensations will truly bring the “global” to a heavyweight lineup that also includes Metallica, Mariah Carey, Mickey Guyton, Jonas Brothers and Charlie Puth.

It is the latest high-profile performance by the glam rockers, who have achieved worldwide fame with their song “Zitti e buoni” since winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021. Måneskin – rounded out by guitarist Thomas Raggi and drummer Ethan Torchio – is indeed bringing back rock with bangers like “I Wanna Be Your Slave,” which earned them the Best Alternative award at the VMAs.

Maneskin performing at the 2022 VMAs.
Måneskin’s performance at last month’s VMAs was censored after bassist Victoria De Angelis suffered a wardrobe malfunction.
Getty Images for MTV/Paramount G

“Music goes in cycles, so it’s kind of normal for things to go away for a while and then come back stronger,” said David, 23. “We chose rock because it’s actually what we love to do. It is very authentic and comes easily to us. It’s in our DNA.”

David, De Angelis and Raggi all met as high school students in Rome, with Torchio from nearby Frosinone before forming Måneskin in 2016. They busked around Rome before taking second place on 2017’s X Factor Italia.

Aside from her experience at the VMAs, De Angelis had no problem being the only girl in the group. “I feel treated the same as it should be,” she said. “I don’t see any difference because of my gender, so it’s all good. We are like a family.”

mane skin
Joining Måneskin are bassist Victoria De Angelis (from left), guitarist Thomas Raggi, lead singer Damiano David and drummer Ethan Torchio.
Franz Delacroix

In fact, it was the bass player who came up with their band name. “We had to register for this music competition, but we didn’t have a name yet,” said De Angelis, 22. “So we didn’t have time to come up with a real name. So I just said a few random words in Danish because I’m half Danish and we settled on Måneskin, which means moonlight, but [that] has nothing to do with anything.”

Nevertheless, the stars are definitely in Måneskin’s favor these days. While they’re in New York for the Global Citizen Festival, they’re hoping to do some vintage shopping and maybe attend the San Gennaro Feast in Little Italy. And they already have a favorite Italian in the Big Apple: Emilio’s Ballato in Nolita.

mane skin
Måneskin rose to global fame after winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021.
AFP via Getty Images

And the rockers from Rome practice their English, which has steadily improved. “Having the chance to spend a little more time here in the US helped,” David said.

In fact, it was Los Angeles – not Cindy, Naomi, or Christy – that inspired her “Supermodel” single.

“We’ve been in LA for a few months and it’s about this fake fame and lifestyle system that a lot of people have [there]’ DeAngelis said.

“We just noticed and met a lot of people who really just cared about how they looked or were in the right places, at the right parties, among celebrities or something. We thought it was ridiculous.”

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