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Max Chamarkovsky reveals in a new interview how his ‘Dancing with the Stars’ fame helped him flee his native Ukraine. He also described the “horrific” scene at the train station from which he had escaped.

Maxim Chamarkovsky42, appeared on Good morning usa On Friday, March 4, he described how he had fled Ukraine during the Russian invasion. Before Max could board the train from Poland and escape his native land, he was arrested for breaking the curfew. “They are like passports.” I took out my American passport and he started speaking English to me. I was like, ‘I speak Russian.’ Then I regretted saying that. I thought maybe it was wrong, “Max explained GMA.

Max reveals that his arrest was thwarted when he was allowed to proceed. Dancing with the stars. But then the guy next to him goes, ‘Oh, that’s the judge Dancing with the stars. That is Max. I know him. It’s from TV, “Max recalled. “He goes, ‘Get in. Now right.'”

Professional dancer who documented her experience of being in Ukraine after the Russian presidency Vladimir Putin The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a police station, killing at least 12 people. DWTS Fame still saved him without question. “I feel like things have become real and all of a sudden I don’t have everything I need to feel safe in this place,” Max explained. “I was not created for that at all. I’m realizing right now that I’m not where I should be.

Max also described the scene at the train station where he had gone to Poland, leaving behind countless Ukrainians. “It simply came to our notice then. I realized when we flew that all the people who didn’t come in would now have to sleep in the same train station, “he said. “It’s not hot. It’s just a huge building. It’s cold. There are children everywhere. I’m dying inside because it’s still something very emotional for me. There are children everywhere. Children everywhere. It’s negative, the temperature. “

Max Chamarkovsky
Max Chamarkovsky (Photo: Matt Baron / Shutterstock)

Max reunites with his wife Peta MurgatroidAt the airport after landing in the United States on March 2, 35. The couple shared a heartfelt hug and celebrated Max’s return home. But one’s father still regrets leaving his homeland. “I feel guilty. I feel bad. I feel ashamed I feel upset, “he said GMA.

In addition, Max said the dire situation in Ukraine had made it “extremely difficult” for him to process. “I cried on the way from the airport. I felt ashamed, “he said. “I felt embarrassed behind the whole ride because I was the only man among all the women and children.”

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