Milan Kunis insists Russians are not ‘enemies’ in Ukrainian war – Hollywood Frog

The Ukrainian-born actress spoke about the Russian invasion of Ukraine in an interview with Maria Shriver.

Combined In a recent interview with The Associated Press, he shed light on his feelings about Russia and the government’s crackdown on his home country of Ukraine. Maria Shriver. The 38-year-old actress admitted that although Russian troops invaded Ukraine, she did not want people to consider Russians “enemies”. He did not name the Russian president Vladimir Putin By name, he pointed to those in power as the root of the problem.

When Maria asked Bad mothers The actress, who wants to get to know people, said she wanted to make sure everyone knew that she did not want people to believe that all Russians were “terrible” during the conflict. “I don’t think we need to treat the Russian people as enemies. I really want to emphasize that. I don’t think that’s being said much in the press, “he said. “I encourage people to look at it from this perspective, ‘it’s the people in power, not the people themselves.’

Milla continued to point out that while the war in Ukraine may not have an immediate effect on the United States, it could have far-reaching global and economic implications. “At the moment this issue can be incredibly devastating for the rest of the world – not just for that part of the world, and I don’t want people to lose it,” he said.

Mila called on the people not to view the Russians as enemies during the Ukrainian war. (Alberto Reyes / Shutterstock)

In another clip released before the interview, Mila also talks about her Ukrainian heritage and how she grew up in the United States, feeling more “American” than a Ukrainian before the conflict, while some friends and family still live in Ukraine. Are in She said that once the attacks took place, she was shocked at how broken her heart was. “It happens and I can’t describe or explain what happened to me, but all of a sudden I was like, ‘Oh my God, I feel like a part of my heart just got torn,'” he said. Said earlier. About some of his friends who are still in the country.

Mila and her husband Ashton Kutcher Has taken a hard line to help Ukrainians fighting for the defense of their country, as well as refugees trying to escape. The couple launched a charitable initiative, and donated their own $ 3 million to help Ukraine.

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