Miranda had ‘lesbian qualities’ on SATC

Cynthia Nixon claims her ‘Sex and the City’ character Miranda Hobbes has ‘always been queer’ — even though she only dated men and couldn’t bring herself to kiss a woman.

The 56-year-old actress made the reveal in an interview with Variety on Wednesday, explaining, “Even though she was only really interested in men, I think Miranda had a lot of other queer and frankly lesbian qualities about her.”

Nixon – who identifies as queer and has been married to his wife Christine Marinoni since 2012 – added, “I think for a lot of gay women… [Miranda] was a substitute for the gay women we didn’t have.”

When the “Sex and the City” series ended in 2004, Miranda was married to bartender Steve Brady.

However, in the latest reboot, And Just Like That, Miranda begins an affair with non-binary comedian Che Diaz and eventually comes to the realization that she is queer.

Miranda fell head over heels in love with the character Che Diaz "And just like that" — even a steamy extramarital date in Carrie Bradshaw's kitchen.
Miranda falls head over heels for character Che Diaz on And Just Like That — and even has a torrid extramarital affair in Carrie Bradshaw’s kitchen.

Miranda even leaves Steve in the reboot, a move that sparked an angry backlash from fans who blamed the producers reveal the history of the original show.

Nixon told Variety that it was showrunner Michael Patrick King who originally came up with the idea of ​​Miranda coming out as queer in the reboot.

“I thought, ‘Sure, why not!'” Nixon said. “If we’re trying to do different things and show different worlds and show different aspects of these characters, why aren’t we?”

That "Sex and the City" The series ended in 2004 when Miranda married bartender Steve Brady.
The Sex and the City series ended in 2004 when Miranda married bartender Steve Brady.

“Miranda has always been about power, female power versus male power, and women lose out — and that’s a big problem for queer women,” Nixon continued.

In the original series, Miranda identifies as straight, although there are two episodes in which her sexuality is questioned.

In Season 1, the short-haired redhead is mistaken for a lesbian by her fellow lawyers. Eager for a promotion, she agrees to a date with a woman named Syd, but backs away from a kiss, claiming she’s “definitely straight.”

In an episode from the first season of "sex and the city," Miranda explains that it is her "definitely straight" after a date with the lesbian Syd.
In a season 1 episode of Sex and the City, Miranda explains that she’s “definitely straight” after dating a lesbian Syd.
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Meanwhile, in a second-season episode, Miranda claims she was a “big lesbian” in fourth grade and kissed a classmate.

The moment was never mentioned again as Miranda only ever had relationships with men.

However, some viewers always suspected that the character wasn’t straight, with One recently wrote on Twitter: “I wish Miranda had started out as gay at the beginning of the series. I always felt like she was gay.”

In the end, Miranda runs away with Che in “AJLT”.
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But others criticized the reboot for making Miranda queer, claiming it felt not faithful to the original series.

Many criticized Miranda’s extramarital romance with Che, who quickly became known as “TV’s most hated character” and has been described as “irritating” and an “intolerable narcissist.”

Showrunner King also spoke to Variety and said he was taken aback by viewers’ hatred of the character.

“My friend Gregg Araki – he’s a filmmaker – said to me, ‘How does it feel to have created the most polarizing character in all 5,000 television shows?'” King recalled.

More queer Miranda is coming! "And just like that" was picked up by HBO Ma for a second season
More queer Miranda is coming! And Just Like That has been selected for a second season by HBO Max.
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Araki claimed TV characters “drink children’s blood,” but “what everyone’s worried about,” King said, “is non-binary stand-up comics in this day and age.”

The reboot’s first season concludes with Miranda leaving New York City to live in Los Angeles with Che, but it’s believed that both characters will return to screens soon when And Just Like That season two begins. ordered by streamer HBO Max.

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