NBA Game – Tristan Thomson hacked by Kardashian fans during Hollywood Frog

During their latest NBA game, fans repeatedly tried to make Tristan Thomson a district by chanting ‘Stand Up’ while on the free throw line.

Tristan Thomson30, disturbed by his former fans Khloe Kardashian37, playing against the Miami Heat on Monday, February 28. The Chicago Bulls player was on the free throw line and was about to shoot for his team when fans suddenly started shouting Khloe’s name, as seen in. This video, Which was shared with Reddit. Fans tried to distract the NBA star by bringing in his famous ex-girlfriend, with whom he cheated several times.

However, hacking did not work, as Tristan successfully scored the basket. The Bulls lost 112-99, which would have made the fans happy in the end.

Tristan Thomson
Tristan Thomson at a basketball game in September 2013 (Photo: Miguel Gutierrez / EPA / Shutterstock)

This is not the first time Tristan has been harassed for his drama while standing on a basketball court. In fact, in November 2021, a fan was dropped from the Sacramento Kings game (when Tristan was on the team). Staying connected with the Kardashians Star from the stand. Tristan later turned the teams into the Bulls after being benched by the Kings during the January 4 game against the LA Lakers. That was due to the baby drama Marley NicholsThe fitness model who gave birth to Tristan’s son, AngeloIn December.

Khloe has been with Tristan since his latest cheating incident. After a birth test confirmed that Tristan had given birth to a baby with Marley, he took to Instagram to apologize to Khloe. “You do not deserve the heartache and humiliation that I have caused you. You don’t deserve the kind of treatment I have given you over the years, “he said. “My actions certainly do not match the way I see you. I have a lot of respect and love for you. Whatever you think. Again, I am incredibly sorry.

Tristan and Khloe
With Tristan Thomson and Khloe Kardashian’s daughter True Thomson (Photo: Broadimage / Shutterstock)

Tristan is currently playing with the Bulls, raising her daughter True Thomson, Oh, stand up. A source told recently Hollywood Frog While Tristan’s time at the Bulls will be “a good deviation” from his personal life drama, “he still intends to see the truth as much as possible.” For her third child, Marali, 31, claims that the pro athlete has not yet seen her son Angelo.

In a February 14 statement, a Marali representative told HL, “Despite newspaper reports, Tristan Thomson did nothing to help his son. Financial assistance. “

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