New York music startup UnitedMasters poaches new executives from top companies

New York music startup UnitedMasters has poached a new slate of executives from tech companies like Uber, Twitter and Adobe.

The Brooklyn-based startup, which helps musicians get their songs on streaming services like Spotify for a fee or a cut in their earnings, has raised $170 million so far from high-profile backers including Apple, Google parent Alphabet and Andreessen Horowitz.

UnitedMasters’ new hires include new Head of Engineering Pablo Jablonski, who previously spent seven years at Twitter, including working on the site’s live video and audio streaming capabilities.

UnitedMasters is poaching executives from top tech companies.
UnitedMasters office in Brooklyn
The Brooklyn-based startup helps musicians get their songs featured on streaming services like Spotify.

He is one of hundreds of Twitter employees who have left the company in recent months as the company engages in a devastating, drawn-out legal battle with Elon Musk.

Matt Wing, who left Uber’s communications department after seven years, joins UnitedMasters as head of communications.

Before joining Uber, Wing worked for the government at the time. Andrew Cuomo’s press team from 2011 to 2014.

Pablo Jablonsky
Pablo Jablonski previously worked at Twitter for seven years.
matt wing
Matt Wing joins UnitedMasters from Uber.

UnitedMasters – which was valued at $550 million in its latest fundraising round in October 2021 – is also bringing in new Chief People Officer Nicole Keller from Adobe-owned software company, new Marketing Director Meg Donovan from online education site MasterClass and Commerce chief Andre Howard of Warner Music Group.

The startup is also hiring Damien Scott as Head of Brand Strategy.

Scott previously served as president of rapper J. Cole’s Dreamville Holdings and was the managing editor of Complex Media.

Damien Scott
UnitedMasters Hires Damien Scott as Head of Brand Strategy.

“We’re growing rapidly, and these additions to our leadership team will help us continue to scale and democratize the music industry,” said Steve Stoute, founder and CEO of UnitedMasters, the record executive who has managed stars like Nas and Mary J. Blige.

UnitedMasters said it has more than doubled its workforce in the past two years.

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