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Nikki Minaj is backing Britney Spears when the singer says she is not “the best dancer” and how people make fun of her way of walking.

Queens support queens! Nicki Minaj Appeared to defend Britney Spears When she called herself “not the best dancer”, the pop star was reminded of her position in the culture.

When I was in Maui I recorded 30 dance videos… It’s fun for me !!! ” Brittany started an Instagram video showing herself dancing. “I know I’m not the best dancer, a lot of people make fun of the way I move, but honestly as long as I’m shaking and exposing my body somehow at this point. .. that’s good for me !!! ” The singer captioned the post “Me Against the Music”.

Lucky for Britney, fellow pop superstar / rapper Nikki came to her rescue. “Not the best dancer? Britney! Put your crown back and leave the baby there !!!!!!” Nikki said in the comments section. “[Y]You are the best dancer !!! Solved it, what’s next? He concluded by adding “BIG SAG ENERGY” while celebrating his common bow position.

Nikki Minaj comments on Britney Spears' IG
Nikki Minaj commented on Britney Spears’ IG (Instagram).

Britney could potentially benefit from the encouragement of her peers, as she continued in the post to share more about how dancing became her “therapy” under the 13-year conservatism that led to her life under her father. Took over. Jamie Spears‘Control.

“Therapy is all brain work… ਕੀਤਾ I did it 10 hours a day, 7 days a week when I was abused… there is nothing worse than mental anguish,” the 40-year-old wrote. “I’d rather slap someone in the face than fuck me with my mind !!! Dancing 💃🏻 You don’t think at all … I know my work isn’t perfect but if you only knew that It feels so good to be with my body … I think most will get it !!! Bear with me, I’m learning oh !!! God bless you all !!! “

In addition to her recent dance video, the pop star is enjoying a romantic hot holiday in celebration of her fianc. Sam AsghariIs his 28th birthday. After Sam described Britney as his “wife” and Britney called Sam her “husband” in separate Instagram posts, the couple also spread rumors of a secret marriage.

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