Nude photos of Jesse Williams have ‘The View’ host Sunny Hostin hot and worried

The View co-host Sunny Hostin got a little hot on Wednesday, fuming at actor Jesse Williams’ leaked Take Me Out nudes.

The ABC show ladies discussed the improper reception and distribution of the Broadway footage on social media – all with their own recordings.

“I say it’s a matter of time,” Goldberg began. “If you have a gig and you know you have to undress, you live in a world where cell phone videos are going to happen at some point.”

All women agreed that nudity has always been prevalent in art.

“I’ve seen more naked men on stage than in my bedroom,” said co-host Joy Behar.

“It all looks the same,” Goldberg added.

“Well…” Hostin countered, obviously impressed by what was revealed about the actor.

“Jesse Williams looks like a specimen,” gushed Hostin. “He looks amazing, he looks beautiful, his body is beautiful and — seriously — I have at least 20 friends who have now bought tickets because they saw this.”

Sunny Hostin on "The view"
Sunny Hostin closed her eyes as she described Jesse Williams’ “beautiful” nude photos.
The view
Whoopi Goldberg cums on Sunny Hostin "The view"
Whoopi Goldberg rose from her seat and sprayed Sunny Hostin.
The view
Whoopi Goldberg spray-painted Joy Behar "The view"
Whoopi Goldberg used the spray bottle first to playfully water the flower on Joy Behar’s jacket.
The view

Hostin said she feels better looking at the images for “a ridiculously long time” because Williams reacted to the leaked images during an appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live.

“It’s a body — as soon as you see it, you realize it’s whatever, it’s a body,” Williams told host Andy Cohen on Monday. “I just don’t need to make it such a big deal.”

“If you go to Florence, Italy, there’s the David in full… right there,” Behar said Wednesday.

“He looks like a statue,” Hostin continued, eyes closed and hands outstretched. “He looks like a David. Beautiful.”

With that, Goldberg took the nearby spray bottle she had previously used to water the flower on Behar’s jacket, walked over to Hostin and doused it.

“Calm down,” Goldberg quipped.

Whoopi Goldberg with water spray bottle
“Calm down,” Whoopi Goldberg said as she doused The View co-host Sunny Hostin.
The view

Following the leak, the Second Stage Theater, home of Take Me Out, told Deadline that it would now be installing infrared cameras to monitor audience use of cameras and other suspicious activity during the show.

Spectators are required to seal their electronic devices in Yondr cases already during the performance.

Person puts iPhone in Yondr pouch
The Take Me Out theater will now install infrared cameras to detect fans’ use of cameras during the show, a spokesperson told Deadline.
AFP via Getty Images

The theater slammed the fan who shot the footage in a statement on Tuesday, calling it “disgusting”.

“Taking nude photos of someone without their consent is highly objectionable and can have serious legal consequences,” the theater wrote. The Actors’ Equity Association also released a statement saying the recording constituted “sexual harassment and an appalling breach of consent.”

Take Me Out co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson broke his silence on the matter on Twitter Tuesday.

“Anyone who applauds or belittles this behavior has no place in the theater, which has always been a safe place for performers and audience alike,” he wrote.

“And really, if nudity is what you come for… you have a long, boring night ahead of you,” he continued in a separate tweet. “It’s within a challenging two and a half hour play with great ideas, beautiful language and remarkable acting from a cast of 11 actors that you also have to see through. You will get bored. Trust.”

He also responded to “The View” on Twitter on Wednesday night, clarifying that he and Williams filmed the episode of “Watch What Happens Live” last week.

“I’m certainly not answering on his behalf, but his quote you’re referring to was said last Thursday before the leak,” he wrote.

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